Re: Mercenary Reloaded is complete
Mon May 14, 2018 03:28

Hi Andreas,

Its a shame you won't support HTC as i'd love to try playing in room scale. Thing is there's not many objects to give you the feeling of scale anyway unfortunately.

In future is there a way to give bigger draw distances? I forgot how annoying it was especially when looking for the wishing crystal on Midas. The pyramids just appear when moving at speed. It would be great if you could add textures, shadows and reflections.

It's great to be able to play smoothly though and that makes a massive difference. It's easy to forget just how slow 3D rendering was.

Great work though and well done on getting this working within OpenGL!
Kind regards,


  • Re: Mercenary Reloaded is completeAndreas Eversberg, Tue May 8 12:28
    Hi Anthony, I will not support there is some official abstraction available to support any HMD. There is OpenVR, but it is not really open. I guess that there will be some extension for... more
    • Re: Mercenary Reloaded is complete — Anthony Kane, Mon May 14 03:28
      • Bigger draw distanceAndreas Eversberg, Mon May 14 10:52
        Hi Anthony, Any other VR headset will be supported, as soon as there is a common API for all headset. The Khronos Group Inc seem to work on it. ( ) I plan to draw roads ... more
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