Re: Feature request
Mon May 14, 2018 22:40

Then make it Ctrl or Alt.
Why do I want it? Because I'm an old fart, physically damaged by years of futile software development, and every such finger ache adds to my frustration and takes away the fun of playing games. Those few seconds are enough to annoy me.
If you want, I can try to make a patch for this myself, but so far I couldn't undersdand the keyboard.c.

  • Re: Feature requestAndreas Eversberg, Mon May 14 11:04
    Hi Enjo, pressing Shift + Forward causes an object to be picked up. IIRC, it should also be happen with MDDClone. But why do you want to keep the forward key pressed? As long as you don't walk/run... more
    • Re: Feature request — Enjo, Mon May 14 22:40
      • Re: Feature requestAndreas Eversberg, Tue May 15 10:04
        The src/libkeyboard/keyboard.c is the emulation to put keycode into the emulated Amiga CIA. Check out src/mercenary/main.c to send keycodes. keyboard_sdl() receives the keys from the PC (SDL lib) and ... more
        • DoneEnjo, Sat May 26 06:57
          OK. Done. Thanks for the explanation. I have used Control, because Alt was somehow ignored. Do you accept patches? If yes, here's my small mod: --- src/mercenary/main.c 2018-05-26 15:53:01.852538223... more
          • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 01:42
            Hi Enjo, It does not work with the source in master branch, but I managed to make it work even with ALT key. How should walking/running stop? When releasing ALT key or when pressing UP key again?... more
            • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 05:19
              Excellent. It should stop after pressing and RELEASING the Up key. Therefore the logic is defined simply as ignoring the release key only when ALT is pressed. Finito.
              • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 10:08
                Ok, now I pushed a patch, so you can keep running using ALT + UP and stop when pressing UP or DOWN (without ALT). Thanx for improving my software.
                • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 22:44
                  It's a pleasure. I wanted to tell you this yesterday, but I had guests: I recalled that in my Targ SDL port, Control key is responsible for locking the movement, not Alt. Alt was for orienting... more
                  • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Tue Jun 5 11:32
                    I choose to use CTRL key to control emulation features, like changing rendering, FOV, skipping eris approach, ect... I reversed movement, so I can move in any direction without turning myself -... more
                    • Re: DoneEnjo, Wed Jun 6 00:25
                      OK, understood.
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