Sat May 26, 2018 06:57

OK. Done. Thanks for the explanation. I have used Control, because Alt was somehow ignored.

Do you accept patches?
If yes, here's my small mod:

--- src/mercenary/main.c 2018-05-26 15:53:01.852538223 +0200
+++ src/mercenary/main-new.c 2018-05-26 15:52:20.752151512 +0200
@@ -1222,6 +1222,10 @@
set_joystick(-1, -1, -1, -1, -1);
+ if (ctrl && ! down)
+ {
+ break; /* Don't stop walking forward if Ctrl is being held */
+ }
set_amiga_key(keycode, 0);
set_joystick(-1, -1, down, -1, -1);

  • Re: Feature requestAndreas Eversberg, Tue May 15 10:04
    The src/libkeyboard/keyboard.c is the emulation to put keycode into the emulated Amiga CIA. Check out src/mercenary/main.c to send keycodes. keyboard_sdl() receives the keys from the PC (SDL lib) and ... more
    • Done — Enjo, Sat May 26 06:57
      • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 01:42
        Hi Enjo, It does not work with the source in master branch, but I managed to make it work even with ALT key. How should walking/running stop? When releasing ALT key or when pressing UP key again?... more
        • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 05:19
          Excellent. It should stop after pressing and RELEASING the Up key. Therefore the logic is defined simply as ignoring the release key only when ALT is pressed. Finito.
          • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 10:08
            Ok, now I pushed a patch, so you can keep running using ALT + UP and stop when pressing UP or DOWN (without ALT). Thanx for improving my software.
            • Re: DoneEnjo, Sun May 27 22:44
              It's a pleasure. I wanted to tell you this yesterday, but I had guests: I recalled that in my Targ SDL port, Control key is responsible for locking the movement, not Alt. Alt was for orienting... more
              • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Tue Jun 5 11:32
                I choose to use CTRL key to control emulation features, like changing rendering, FOV, skipping eris approach, ect... I reversed movement, so I can move in any direction without turning myself -... more
                • Re: DoneEnjo, Wed Jun 6 00:25
                  OK, understood.
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