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Re: Done
Sun May 27, 2018 22:44

It's a pleasure.

I wanted to tell you this yesterday, but I had guests: I recalled that in my Targ SDL port, Control key is responsible for locking the movement, not Alt. Alt was for orienting directly for 0*, 90* and 270*, so that you walk straight. Obviously you don't have access to the game's internals, but it would be consistent to change the movement locking to Control. From Targ's documentation:

Holding CONTROL before releasing forward or backward key locks movement, ie. makes you keep going without your interaction.
You can still control your heading with left / right keys.
Useful in those long corridors. Pressing and releasing that
movement key again disables the lock.

Holding ALT and pressing a turn left / right key turns you to the nearest basic direction (north, south, east, west). Useful when you are driving a car on a road, not to get offroad.

  • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 27 10:08
    Ok, now I pushed a patch, so you can keep running using ALT + UP and stop when pressing UP or DOWN (without ALT). Thanx for improving my software.
    • Re: Done — Enjo, Sun May 27 22:44
      • Re: DoneAndreas Eversberg, Tue Jun 5 11:32
        I choose to use CTRL key to control emulation features, like changing rendering, FOV, skipping eris approach, ect... I reversed movement, so I can move in any direction without turning myself -... more
        • Re: DoneEnjo, Wed Jun 6 00:25
          OK, understood.
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