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Intercity space craf is a Superperson Suit
Sun Aug 19, 2018 10:40

With a glitch (bug) in my VR-Version of Mercenary 3, I can alter the flight route of "Intercity" flights to be off the automatic track. Depending on when I alter the route, it crashes on the planet, stops above surface or stops in space. Then I can control the space craft as any regular space craft. If I leave the space craft, it turns out to be a Superperson Suit, which I can pick up or board and fly again. The interior stays visible on the same planet (or in space, when stopping there) all the time, even when walking.

The same is possible with the interstellar craft at the beginning of Mercenary 2. This craft allows to fly, but after leaving, it cannot be boarded again, because it is not prepared for further flights, as it is when landing on Eris space port.

I guess that this is caused by the game's automatic flight procedure, which locks the motion of the joystick and just executes "L"-Key to leave space craft afterwards.

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