Re: Play the original Damocles Demo
Sat May 25, 2019 12:38

Ooooh this is great, congratuilations!
Amazin, I've been curious for years to explore this and here you are, with the ultimate patch ;)

Just flew around a bit so far...
I really need a sencond life to update the site with all those great news things I haven't talked about yet.

  • Play the original Damocles DemoAndreas Eversberg, Sun May 5 09:20
    This weekend I made a playable version of the Damocles Demo of 1989. Download it at http://mercenary.eversberg.eu/download/damocles_demo.zip It should run on a real machine, but I tested it with... more
    • Re: Play the original Damocles Demo — Webmaster, Sat May 25 12:38
      • Second lifeEnjo, Sun May 26 04:34
        We just have to make sure, that the second life is different than this one :) Thank you for your contribution Andreas.
        • Re: Second lifeAndreas Eversberg, Wed May 29 07:56
          I could prepare two pages with style of the Mercenary site, one for the Mercenary Reloaded project, one for the Damocles demo hack. I would append the second page to the already existing Damocles... more
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