Momma Pat Griffith ...Daddy Ron praying too
Healig miracles my Father for Finley's in Jesus Name
Sat Mar 23, 2013 19:13

Holy Father in Heaven, I lift up my Brother Jerry Finley before your mercy seat, seeking a healing for his kidneys,we pray all unusual bleeding to cease, and unusual blood leakage or clotting to stop and healing to be manifestedl. Lord God Holy Spirit touch Jerry Finley from the crown of his head, to the soles of his feel, saturate Jerry Finley with your healing virtue, cleansing him of anything not of you, heal and deliver Jerry and strengthen him, make him grow stronger and healthier each and every day in every possible way. Let him thirst not, Lord God do a mighty work within Jerry, heal the kidneys, let them fail not, and my Father in Jesus Name, bless dearest Nora Finley, give her vigor and grace to endure, to help Jerry in his time of need. A Miracle I pray for and thank you for now. Lord let Kathleen be able to expell the smallest kidney stone, without damaging the urethrea tubes. Lord God give her courage, power, strength and grace to edure and please my Father in Jesus Name guide Kathleen's surgeons hands with yours, let the surgery go smoothly without complications and Kathleen be restored back to good health. Lord God the Finleys are like my Texas Clan of Griffith, struggling with viruses, and stomache issues, and diahrreah, Lord God Holy Spirit breathe upon them, give them rest, may they grow stronger and healthier every day in every way, I pray Abba Father in Jesus name, thank you.

Nora you take good care of yourself also, remember the chemo has weakened your immune system, use hand cleansers frequently and keep your hands away from your face. Okay
Love ya

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    • Healig miracles my Father for Finley's in Jesus Name — Momma Pat Griffith ...Daddy Ron praying too, Sat Mar 23 19:13