John Mark Griffith
Prayer for Nester and his crew
Thu Jan 19, 2017 14:48

Praise be to you Father God, and also to your son Jesus. Thank you Father God for your love.
Please Father God, watch over Nester, and his crew, as they sail through the islands of the Philippines, bringing the boat you blessed us with, from Manila, all the way here, to San Fabian shores. Please protect them from rough seas and also from pirates. Please Father God keep them safe the entire journey.
Please also Father God, bring to them the fish of your sea. Please fill their lines, allowing them food, and also to share their catch with the people they meet along the way.
Please Father God bless the boat, and make it help turn into a new way of life, for Nester, and his family.
Father, we all love you, and thank you for your son Jesus, and for the love you have for all the world.
For You Father God, loved the world so much, that you gave your only begotten son Jesus, so that all who believe in him, shall not perish, but shall have ever lasting life with you in Heaven.
I ask with this prayer, in Jesus name, that you help them sail safely home, Amen.
I love you Lord.

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