John Mark Griffith
Prayers for the Gaytan family
Sat Jan 28, 2017 11:10

Praise be to you our Father God in heaven, and also to your son Jesus, who died on the cross for all of our sins. Thank you Father for everything you have done, and continue to do for us, here on this Earth.
Father God I ask that you be with this Family; Charles and Kayla Gaytan, and their children. Father I know you have already helped them with their 4 new babies. Please Father be with all 6 of their children, granting to them all, good health and good strength, all the days of their lives. And please Father make those days number as the stars in the sky. Please Father God also be with Charles and Kayla, as Kayla fights the cancer that has returned. Please Father God in heaven remove the cancer in Kayla completely, granting to Kayla a long, happy, healthy life, as she and her husband raise their children unto you. Father God they know you have already performed a miracle in giving them their 4 new children and they are very happy that you are there for them. Please Father accept their love and return in ten fold, granting to Kayla and Charles, good health and good strength, all the days of their lives, as they enjoy the family life that was always meant to be, for us here on Earth.
Please also Father God watch over Charles, and his military career, making sure Charles is always guided and protected by you.
Thank you Father God so very much for always being there, waiting for us to bring you our prayers of needs, thanks, and praises. We love you Father God and also love your son Jesus who opened the way back into your grace and love. Amen. I love you Lord