John Mark Griffith
We met a lady at the park
Tue Feb 7, 2017 07:19

Many times, when venturing around the Philippines, we find people in need. There are always so very many people in need here. This lady, we met, has a son who is in need of medical care. She has no job, and had paperwork in her hands, waiting to show the government, so she can get aid for her sons health problems. So we need prayers for this lady. We did not get her name, but did get her contact number, so we can stay in touch, and help as much as we can. On this day we can pray for her.

Our Father God in heaven, may your wonderful ways be known to all. Thank you Father God for giving us all, your only begotten son, Jesus, so that all who believe, will not perish, but will be with you, in Heaven, forever and ever. We love you so very much Father.
Please Father God be with the lady we met in the park on this day. Please heal her son and grant to him, good health, and good strength, all the days of his life. Please Father grant to him a long life, filled with your love. Please calm the heart of this lady, and let your presence be known. Please allow her peace of mind, and show her you are working with her son, to heal him. Thank you Father God so very much. We know you are there waiting for our prayers, and we will always remember the many things you have done, and continue to do for us, and the ones we love. We come to you in your only begotten son's name, who is Jesus. Your son Jesus, who is with you in heaven, awaiting all who love you, Amen
We truly do love you Lord...

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