katrina kathleen P. Quirimit
The old Lady who is still working at her old aged.
Tue Feb 7, 2017 07:56

We were having fun sitting in a cement bench and talking different things in life. This old lady caught my attention. She was having a hard time walking carrying a heavy bag. My eyes chased her, watching her go from one hut to the other, wondering what she's doing. Until, I decided to stop our conversation and pointed at her. I was surprised, John and I were thinking and looking at the same person. Without any hesitation, we decided to go over to her and talked to her. At her old aged, and divide her normal height into two, she was bent over and still working. WOW!!!! She was selling Filipino delicacies. Working to earn money for a living. Our hearts melts when we started to talked to her.....We wanna give hugs to comfort her and saying everything will be fine...We held her hands and say a simple prayer....

This is our simple prayer for her,
Our Father in heaven, Please watch over her in all the days of her life. Give her good health and good strength and long happy life with her family. Give her daily needs and her family, so she doesn't have to work at her aged. Protect her from all forms of evils. Give her your warm hugs when she feels down. Give her your warm hugs when she feels happy.Please Father eases her heart and mind of whatever hardships she is going through in life.Uplift her spirit to look forward in life to the many things you have to show her. Always give her hope.
In Jesus name, your only begotten son,
We Pray,

    • Old womanMary Miller, Thu Feb 23 12:15
      Father God, Touch this woman's heart and body. Bless her Father God; with your warm hugs. Have her feel so Blessed she will feel rich. Rich with you Father God! Bless her Lord Bless her. Thank you... more
    • The old lady who continues to work daily John Mark Griffith , Wed Feb 22 19:24
      Praise be to you Father God in heaven above, for all things done and all things to come. Thank you Father God for giving us your only begotten son Jesus. Jesus who died on the cross for all of our... more