Katrina kathleen Quirimit
Praying for the widow lady named "Maria"
Wed Feb 22, 2017 19:44

Our Heavenly Father in heaven, your holy name and your majestic power. We pray unto you that please always be with the widow lady named MARIA. Always be with her in all the days of her life. Please dear Heavenly Father, always give her the sunlight to lite up her days. Give her the rainbow to show her that life is so beautiful to look forward to after the storm. Give her the courage of a Lion to be brave for all the struggles she may face on the Earth. Give her a peaceful life. Give her shelter for protection from all forms of evils. Give her a bountiful basket of foods to provide nourishment to her weak body. Give her the strenght of a carabao to work in her daily life. Give her your loving arms to give her warm hugs when she needs comfort. Give her a soft pillow to lay her head when she needs to rest. Give her your shoulder to cry on. Give her shoes to walk in your path.Please give her your undying LOVE. Please dear Heavenly Father, hear our prayers for her. We know everything is possible if we ask it in your Holy named and your son Jesus.
In Jesus name, we ask and pray...

    • Please Father God continue to be with the widowJohn Mark Griffith, Sun May 7 18:59
      Praise be to you our Father God and also to your son Jesus who died on the cross for all of our sins. Thank you Father God for showing us your widow. Please Father God continue to watch over her,... more