Mary Miller
Momma Pat and Daddy Ron
Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:21

Father God, touch Momma Pat inside and out, from top of her head to the tip of her toes. Clear her nasssel passages so she can breath. Cut the blot from her. Also give her strength back. She needs to be strong for daddy Ron.
Father God touch Daddy Ron, Inside and out. Clean that old flu out him . Make him strong again. He needs to be there for Momma Pat.
Thank you Father God
I love you
Mary Miller

  • Momma Pat's Health John Mark Griffith , Thu Feb 23 20:29
    Praise be to you Father God in heaven. You are the alfa and omega, the beginning and the end. You sent us your only begotten son Jesus, who died on the cross, taking all of our sins, so that all who... more
    • Improved Health!virgiinia, Sat Feb 25 17:41
      Dear God, Please HEAL our Momma Pat n Daddy Ron, from the tip of their head to their toes of any illness or infirmity! I love them both, and know they love You Lord, in Jesus mighty name, may they be ... more
    • Momma Pat and Daddy Ron — Mary Miller, Fri Feb 24 11:21
    • Re: Momma Pat's Health Anonymous, Fri Feb 24 09:03
      MoM & DaD both have the flu, they are not doing well esp MOM....she cant walk and is bloated bad..Better se her soon...Ron Jr.
      • MOMMA PAT AND DADDY RON John Mark Griffith , Fri Feb 24 10:27
        Praise be to you Father God for all things in heaven and earth. Thank you Father God for giving us the best parents on this Earth. Please Father God be with them both granting to them good health and ... more
        • Prayer for Mom Pat and Dad RonKatrina Kathleen quirimit, Fri Feb 24 10:35
          Please Dear heavenly Father, be with Mom Pat and Dad Ron for this days of their suffering. Ease all the pains they're going through. We know that they both love you so much. Give them the strength... more