John Mark Griffith
Thank you Father God for my entire family
Thu May 11, 2017 08:58

Praise be to you our Father God in Heaven and also to your son Jesus who died on the cross for all of our sins. Thank you Father God for the love you have for us all. Thank you Father God for my entire Family.
Father God as time goes on our family members are meeting you in Heaven. Thank you Father God for sending to us your son Jesus so that we all can be in Heaven when life here in this Earth is at an end.
Please Father God I ask that you be with my entire Family. I am asking in Jesus name that you Father god remove all the illnesses in each and every family member still here on Earth. Please Father God grant to us all good health and good strength all the days of their lives.
Father God please be with My Parents, my brothers and their families, Aunts and Uncles, my cousins and their families, my children and their children. From generation to generation, from the east to the west, I ask you cover us all and grant to us all your presence each and every minute of each and every day, all the days of our lives.
We love you Father God and also love your son Jesus, And always Father God we come to you in Jesus name, Amen