John Griffith
please Father God heal my brother Ron
Thu Jul 6, 2017 15:06

Praise be to you our Father god in heaven and also to your only begotten son Jesus, who died on the cross for all of our sins. Please Father God heal Ron and grant to him good health and good strength once again. Please Father God take care of all of Ron's needs. We love you Father God and also love your son Jesus. We have known you all of our lives Father and come to you through Jesus. We know you are alive and well working with each of us throughout our lives. This is yet another time we come to you and ask for your help Father God. Please Father God, in Jesus name we ask that you grant us this request. Amen

    • prayer for healingkatrina kathleen quirimit, Fri Jul 7 09:40
      Father God, we lift up to you our brother Ron who are facing illness. We ask that you would bring healing, comfort and peace to his body. Calm his fears and let him experience the healing power of... more
      • Agreement with this prayerJohn Mark Griffith, Fri Jul 7 11:37
        Amen Lord. We love you Lord. And as always we come to you in your only begotten son's name, Jesus. Amen
        • In Perfect Agreementvirginia, Fri Jul 7 15:01
          Bless and Heal the Griffith FAMILY, from Mom and Pop to all sons and daughter-in-laws, and any grandchildren! Hope i GOT THAT RIGHT. sURE MISS YOU, mOMA pAT. hEALING FOR rON & jOHN. hOLY sPIRIT,... more
          • Thank youJohn Mark Griffith, Fri Jul 7 15:24
            Thank you for your prayers from all of us...:)
            • Please Father God continue to watch over Virginia John Mark Griffith, Fri Jul 7 15:29
              Praise be to you our Father God in heaven and also to your only begotten son Jesus. We love you and come to you with our daily needs Father. I come to you today and ask that you continue to watch... more