katrina kathleen Quirimit
Judy's Health
Fri Jul 7, 2017 09:32

Praise be to you Father God and your only begotten son Jesus Christ. We ask you to remove all the illnesses and aches in Judy's body. Please Father God, always grant her good health and good strength in all the days of her life. Give her strong courage to fight with cancer to live, enjoy and be with her love ones...
We give thanks and praise to you Father God and your son Jesus.
In Jesus name,

  • Please Father God remove the cancer within her bodyJohn Griffith, Sun Jul 2 22:06
    Praise be to you Father God and also to your son Jesus who died on the cross for all of us, so that anyone who believes, shall not perish but have ever lasting life In Heaven. We love you Father God... more
    • Judy's Health — katrina kathleen Quirimit, Fri Jul 7 09:32
    • JudyMary Miller, Mon Jul 3 11:06
      Father God, Touch Judy's body from the inside out. Remove all the cancer that is living within Judy's body. Kill all the cancer cells. Thank you, Father God Amen Mary Miller