John Mark Griffith
Thank you Father God for my helpmate in life
Fri Jul 7, 2017 11:48

Praise be to you our Father God in Heaven and also to your only begotten son Jesus. We thank you for all the love and everything you have done for us and our family. We love you Father and also love Jesus. We thank you for bringing us together and helping us along the way to realize it was your work that brought us together. We thank you for all that happened to bring us together and all that has happened to help us grow as a family. We ask that you continue to work with us in bring our family to the USA. Please Father God we ask in Jesus name that you open up the door to the USA and allow our family to be together here in the Country I gave up so much for.
Father God you already know me and my helpmate. Our child Chess and even our dogs. All I am asking Father God is to do that which is easy for you but very difficult for me without your help. Once again in life man is saying no Father God and once again I am asking that you make man say yes. It has already happened in the past nd I know it will continue to happen in the future. I am in my 3/4 mile struggle Lord trying to make that final turn and see what you have waiting for me. I know you are there and I know you are waiting for this prayer. Thank you for always being there for me and always being there for my family. Please forgive me Lord for waiting to post this pray for so very long. I loose myself Lord and try too hard to fight this worlds evil when all I need to do is pray. I love you Lord and always will. Thank you Lord for my family. I will always be grateful to you for the time you give to us with each other. Forever and ever we are bonded Lord and I will always do my best to remember this day and all the rest where you do your thing with me and I am once again reminded you are right there waiting for me to call. In Jesus name I pray Lord, Amen, It's just me Lord, John
PS please take care of my brothers Lord, John

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