John Mark Griffith
Please Father God be with my brother Ron
Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:30

-Praise be to you our Father God in Heaven and also to your only begotten son Jesus. Thank you Father for my brothers. Please Father God be with my brother Ron and remove the pain he suffers daily. Please Father God heal his body completely removing the cancer and arthritis, old injury pains, and the never ending sleepless nights. Please Father God help Ron, and allow his complete rest and relaxation. We love you Father God and also love your son Jesus. We plead with you Father God, to help Ron and allow him the peace of mind that you bring to me.
In all things we give thanks and praise and always Father we come to you in Jesus name, Amen

    • prayer for Ron Griffithkatrina kathleen quirimit, Thu Jul 13 15:46
      We praise you Father God and your son Jesus. We all give thanks to your bountiful blessings of life you bestowed upon us each and everyday. We pray unto you that please heal one of our family... more
      • Amen (nm)John Mark Griffith, Thu Jul 13 16:01