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To Learn or To Torment?
Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:31pm (XFF:

Necros grinned widely as he managed to catch sight of the poster that the Blue Sister had just posted on the lesson board, not the least because he was getting tired of being stuck in the Tower. A trip to Altara!!! I've got to check this out, especially to see this Sister. I can't believe any Sister would set foot in there right now... He quickly turned about and hurried to his room to gather his supplies, not noticing his fellow novices standing around and gaping at him run. Necros was a fan of warm days, although the colder weather had been nice at first it was beginning to get very old.

The next morning after a rushed breakfast he headed over to the classroom, his arm guards buckled on with Scamps holding on to one of them. The last time he had left his little pet in the room for an extended period of time it had destroyed his room by the time he had gotten back. It had taken him the entire night to get it cleaned up, well somewhat at least. Besides what sort of trouble could a squirrel get into while visiting Altara? It didn't take him too long to reach the classroom although finding a good spot took a little effort.

Necros sat up a little straighter as the Blue Sister began to speak, trying to make sure that he could hear every word. “I trust that you all enjoyed your repast as you’ll be needing it. Altara, as you ought to know, is one of the southernmost nations on this side of the Spine of the World. It is located on the Sea of Storms. It is a proud of a long history, and its magnificence can be witnessed in its flag: two golden leopards on a field of checkered blue and red. Miravalles Sedai and I will impress this all upon you. Now, of course, I do not doubt that you’re positively itching to be from here. What better place to learn of Altara than the nation itself? Introduce yourself with your names and any relevant information, and after that, we will take you there.”

When the role-call finally came to him Necros spoke his name clearly and then sat back to wait, only to lean forward, unlike his classmates, as the blast of heat from the gateway hit them. This was going to be perfect!!! He quickly followed after the Sisters and almost felt his jaw drop at the number of people, and the variety of clothing. Yes Tar Valon had a greater variety but Necros had simply passed through it quickly on his way to the Tower, this was something he wasn't accustomed to yet.

When they reached their destination, Necros had been offered so many things by salespeople that he'd never need, and couldn't think of why anyone would need them at that, he sighed in relief before looking about and listening to the Sisters describe the area. When he heard the bet offer Necros looked to see if there was any sign of the horses yet, and when he couldn't see them he was rather disappointed. However he quickly went to the Sisters and announced his choice, going with Faris while hoping his luck was in this day, before trying to find a place to sit with a very good view of the track.

OOC: I think I'll behave for now, but if this lesson stays small Necros'll have to attempt to spice it up a little

  • Culture: AltaraThorhild Sedai of the Blue Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 14 10:39pm
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    • Completion!Mark, Fri May 12 5:55am
      Credit goes to the following novices: Novice Lilli Novice Sabine The rest of you (two?) have twenty-four hours to email me with an extension request. /|\Mark Myrth Sedai Dedicated Lysander Sirestes... more
    • Part II: KinshipMiravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 28 9:17pm
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      • Ashes to AshesNovice Sabine al'Risa, Mon May 8 6:28pm
        When they were led away from the square and down an alley where the Aes Sedai again created one of those doorway-type things, Now that would be a useful trick! Sabine was really hoping that they were ... more
      • Rubble RumbleNovice Lilli Bloom, Mon May 1 10:22am
        When the remaining Aes Sedai instructed them that they were permitted to ‘roam the square’, Lilli nearly panicked. How the notion of going off alone in this land sounded perverse, to say in the... more
    • Ahoy, First Lesson!Novice Lilli Bloom, Thu Apr 27 8:40pm
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    • Just trying to fill the day with funNovice Ashfair, Mon Apr 24 4:47am
      Ashfairs grey eyes floated across the Oval Lecture hall. His tall lean frame leaned against a marble pillar he seemed to be half asleep. Through his eyelashes he watched, other Novices walked in... more
    • Part I: Ebou Dari DuelsThorhild Sedai of the Blue Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 21 9:15pm
      Thorhild watched with stark attention as each novice made his or her decision. Some appeared to take a ridiculous amount of time in the making of the choice, scrutinizing what would indefinitely come ... more
      • Of Causes and Not So Much PeaceNovice Sabine al'Risa, Thu May 4 7:35pm
        Sabine snorted as the horses crossed the finish line. This was just a bad day for her overall if she couldn’t even get lucky, perhaps the worst day she’d had since leaving Caemlyn and coming to the... more
      • My horse Lost!!Novice Lilli Bloom, Thu Apr 27 8:41pm
        “Now, students, you may notice the daggers hanging down from the necks of some of the women. These are called marriage knives.” Lilli listened with unvarying attention as the Aes Sedai began what... more
      • She Asked for It...Novice Necros al'Cairne, Sat Apr 22 4:46pm
        Necros cheered silently as his horse crossed the finish line first, although he admitted to himself that he would've enjoyed riding the horse himself instead of having to watch. Turning around to... more
    • To Learn or To Torment? — Novice Necros al'Cairne, Mon Apr 17 1:31pm
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      • Not on my watch!Miravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Mon Apr 17 1:58pm
        With a scrupulous eye, Miravalles watched with a smile as the novices began making their bets. Really, it would have made for a fascinating study. After all, she was endlessly interested in the... more
        • A Harrowing ExperienceSabine al'Risa, Stupid Little Novice, Mon Apr 17 5:47pm
          Marvelously free! Sabine couldn’t seem to stop the smile that nearly split her face in two. Those silly Aes Sedai had thought to keep her captive? Not a chance! She knew that she should begin... more
          • RebukedMiravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Tue Apr 18 6:14pm
            Disquiet was free to parade about in the pit of her being. Sabine . . . Sabine was nowhere to be seen. She decided against asking folks in passing if they’d seen the novice, for she was keen on... more
            • Caught or Saved?Novice Sabine al'Risa, Mon Apr 24 4:30pm
              Her knees ached from hitting the ground and her palms stung enough to bring tears to her eyes. Sabine had never felt physical pain before and the shock and fear running through her mind was a... more
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