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Not on my watch!
Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:58pm (XFF:

With a scrupulous eye, Miravalles watched with a smile as the novices began making their bets. Really, it would have made for a fascinating study. After all, she was endlessly interested in the machinations of the human mind; it was why she volunteered to teach so often, even for a Brown. What factors could the novices really consider? All they knew of the two horses on which they were to be betting was their name and colour, and naught a word else. Most all of them were choosing Faris the palomino. Perhaps that was because palomino really was a beautiful colour for horses, while Faris was a much more appealing name than Rosamund.

Stepping back in thought, Miravalles began counting off every novice to have joined the lesson. She did not have a very good memory for names in the like, for she had what could be deemed a “photographic memory.” Names and numbers simply were not what appealed to her, which had been definitive in her choosing the Brown Ajah over the White.

Something, however, was not right. Seated as they were in the Silver Circuit, the novices on either side of her, Miravalles began counting the children rapidly, casting back in thought to remember their faces. The runt-faced one . . . the pig-nosed one . . . the straw-haired one . . . oh, Light, this was not making sense. Scanning the novices again as they placed their bets to be absolutely sure, Miravalles knew something was wrong.

She turned to Thorhild, leaning close to the Blue’s ear. Light, but the woman intimidated her. “Something’s wrong,” she whispered, making sure not one of the novices would overhear. “One of the novices isn’t here. The heavy one with the wavy brown hair?”

Thorhild cocked a brow, the clockwork of her mind working away visible even behind the woman’s spectacles. “The Andoran?” Miravalles nodded hurriedly. “That would be Novice Sabine.”

Miravalled nodded rapidly. “Yes, yes, that one. Oh, Light, Thor–”

“Do not panic.” The woman said it simply, as much an order as any she’d received in the entirety of her time at the White Tower. Light! How could the woman not worry? This was Altara, not some bloody forest with fluffy-tailed rabbits and doe-eyed animals. The Silver Circuit was marvellously devoid of Seanchan, but that did not mean that Sabine could escape to other parts of the city! There were footpads, and . . . and bad people. Bad people with sick intentions, and Miravalles could not simply sit by and let Sabine fall into danger! Was Thorhild not a Blue? Had she not been born in Ebou Dar herself? “Think back to your exercises. Calm yourself. Be serene. Excuse yourself, and you will return to the lobby to find Novice Sabine. Understood?”

Miravalles nodded, striving to settle the disquiet festering away within her. She was far too agitated even to feel irritation at being treated like a child by Thorhild. “I understand.” Standing, Miravalles smoothed her skirts. She smiled pleasantly for the novices. “I will be back soon, children.” With any lucky, Sabine was a horribly unpopular novice, and none of her fellow classmates would notice her absence. That was possible, wasn’t it?

As she returned down the narrow hall that took her back into the ceilinged lobby of the Silver Circuit, Miravalles began to peer around. Light, but Iyaine had wanted to draft her into the Eyes and Ears, hadn’t she, for having such a watchful eye? Even if she remembered little of it, Miravalles Rainier was adept at seeing things others didn’t, and by the grace of the Light, she’d see Novice Sabine, too.

Peering left and right, Miravalles held onto her serenity as folks spied her. She was an Aes Sedai, and, as such, she could not be hastening about like a headless chicken. Even if it could help me find the novice faster? she wondered.

Exhaling deeply, the Brown imagined the river running through the bank, placating her nerves. Right. Okay. With a level gait, Miravalles approached the queue of vendors. Perhaps the novice would be there?

OOC: *grins* Hey, this might be amusing. The ball’s in your court.

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