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A Harrowing Experience
Mon Apr 17, 2006 5:47pm (XFF:

Marvelously free! Sabine couldn’t seem to stop the smile that nearly split her face in two. Those silly Aes Sedai had thought to keep her captive? Not a chance!

She knew that she should begin thinking of a place to stay for the evening, but it was still early in the day. Again, she never thought that this would be a difficult escape. Every day of her life she had been given anything and everything she wanted, why would this be any different? Her dark, honey-colored eyes therefore scanned the horde of vendors, thinking that a celebratory drink was first on her agenda, and then perhaps some food. While the menu at the White Tower had been nutritious enough, she had found it lacking and missed the rich food she’d been served in Caemlyn. Not to mention the sweets! And, mainly because of the heat, she hoped to find something relatively cool.

Sabine had walked what she considered a fair distance already, but yet was still in sight of the entrance to ... what did the Aes Sedai call it? Silver Circle? She didn’t care and approached a seller’s stall for beverages and ordered the coldest thing they carried.

The short and plump man sized her up, and Sabine had no inkling that he was recognizing the dress she was in and deciding how to treat her. “Ah, young miss, I have just the thing!” Moments later, he produced a tall glass with a light green liquid inside. Sabine grasped it gratefully and rose it to her lips, it had a slight minty cucumber smell, but before she could drink, the man placed a hand on her arm and she looked up annoyingly.

“I’ll need paying for that, miss.”

“Oh,” Sabine acknowledged, and waved a hand almost in dismissal. “Just charge it to my father’s account, Master al’Risa in Caemlyn.”

The bark of laughter that issued from the man nearly made her drop her drink in surprise. “No, really,” he could barely contain the continuing laughter. “Surely the White Tower has given you some coin to spend and even if a Tar Valon mark is worth less here in Altara, it still has value.” And, he put out one of his chubby hands while the other rested on his still shaking belly.

She had raised an eyebrow in surprise at the man and then made her next mistake. “I know nothing of this White Tower you speak of and if you want my patronage you’ll charge it to my father’s account.” As this was the way all her dealings had worked in Caemlyn, she had no reason to believe that it wouldn’t work in Altara. “I never carry coin with me.”

Quicker than thought, and much faster than she would have imagined that the fat vendor could move, he had snatched the drink from her hand. “If this is some Aes Sedai trick, I’ll have the Seanchan watch down here.” His eyes had lost all of their previous mirth. “While I don’t condone what they’ve done, I’ll not have someone from the White Tower stealing from me. Now, get back to your Aes Sedai, girl.”

Sabine was absolutely flabbergasted. While it wasn’t the first time she’d had difficulty getting what she wanted, she had her first inkling that she might be far away from home and this may not be a very friendly place. Her fantasy of being fawned over was crashing down around her ears. The man still eyed her nastily as if she would still find a way to take what she wanted, and so she began inching away from the stall. A few steps later, she turned and began to stalk through the crowd.

Perhaps it had been just the one vendor? After all, there were a few not so considerate ones in Caemlyn. Soon, however, she’d approached several more stalls and received the same reception. What was she going to do? She had no coin and it seemed as if no one would honor her father’s credit. Many of the vendors called her foolish and a few more attempted to chase her off with their knives.

And, that was another thing. Everywhere she looked there were weapons of some sort. Many of the women had small daggers hanging from necklaces and just about everyone she spied had a long knife or sword hanging from their waist. Maybe it was time for her to get away from this crowd? She was no longer within sight of the horse racing place, but not far enough away for her liking. Sabine paused however at the edge of the vendor tents and found her gaze drawn across an expanse of land to the city. They weren’t even in the city! It seemed as if the Aes Sedai had failed to mention that this Silver whatever was on the outskirts of a large city.

It really wasn’t that far, but the distance seemed immense to Sabine, who had never walked that far in her life. Of course no one would honor her credit here in this dusty place! But, certainly it would be honored within the actual city itself. She would somehow find her way out of this nightmare!

With a determine look to her face, Sabine took a few steps towards the road, but was roughly pulled back by a hand on her arm. Her feet tried to dig into the earth underfoot, but the person who had hold of her was much stronger. Her hair came from its ribbon and fell across her face and she could neither fend for herself nor see who held her. She could hear the laughter though, and began to feel the first traces of fear. They came to a stop in the shadow of tents and Sabine was pushed to the ground. The shock of the impact, and the bruises and cuts that would be blossoming on her knees and hands, was a brutal awakening for her. She had never been hurt in any way, not even a trip over pavement or a cut from a piece of parchment.

The laughter seemed to echo in her mind as she held one hand in front of her eyes to see blood oozing to the surface of her palm. Sabine pushed herself up and flung her loose hair from her face. Her eyes widened in shock as a man leaned down towards her, his face held in shadow, yet the knife glinting menacingly in his hand. “You must be the child who thinks she can steal from Ebou Dari merchants. We are here to rectify that error on your part and teach you never to insult an Ebou Dari again.”

OOC: Oops, come and get her? :)

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