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Tue Apr 18, 2006 6:14pm (XFF:

Disquiet was free to parade about in the pit of her being. Sabine . . . Sabine was nowhere to be seen. She decided against asking folks in passing if they’d seen the novice, for she was keen on avoiding as much attention as would be possible. Oh, it was unquestionable that the folks noticed that she indeed was Aes Sedai–one would have to be blind to overlook the agelessness–and so she wore serenity as surely as she did her shawl. Nonetheless, they were not all so far from the city, and it was in the city where the Seanchan dwelled. If Miravalles had ever had motivation not to draw attention to herself, well, it would be now.

Really, though, what could she do? Calling for the girl would certainly belie the notion of remaining placid, and besides . . . if the girl really was attempting to run away, why would she abide by her calls? If Miravalles had been trying to escape, she’d do her darnedest to avoid those who pursued her. Perhaps, then, it was a blessing that Miravalles had not seen Sabine yet. It meant Sabine had not seen her.

Once she was confident that the lobby of the Silver Circuit had been thoroughly checked, she began to traverse toward the doors, finding her traffic unimpeded. Miravalles didn’t think she’d seen the novice stumbling about the polished stone steps inside the actual racetrack, so this was the only sensible remainder. May she not be convicted by her bloody convictions!

Stepping out into the warm, fresh air, the Brown sister hardly spared the time to sniff at the scent on the breeze or let herself mellow. Not with such a duty placed firmly on her shoulders. Beside, Miravalles was no great friend of traipsing about outdoors, vastly preferring the inner sanctuary of her quarters. Peering about, she concentrated further on the exercises she’d learned long ago as a novice. May they serve her in this time of worry.

At that moment, a wave of inspiration hit her. She had the Power at her disposal, did she not? And the Power only amplified her tangible senses, no? Well, the novice was not close enough to her that she was able to locate her by the sheer ability to perceive the girl’s ability to channel. Perhaps, then, the girl would not notice her embrace? And so she did. Savouring the sweetness, Miravalles quieted the locusts of thought and listened.

In the distance, she heard it. “You must be the child who thinks she can steal from Ebou Dari merchants. We are here to rectify that error on your part and teach you never to insult an Ebou Dari again.”

Oh, bloody Light! By no mean did that guarantee that it was Sabine in danger. Altarans could fight all they want, and she’d not stop the duel of two consenting (but bloody foolish) adults. By his words, however, the man seemed to be threatening a child! A child! She’d not stand for that, whether or not this was the child she was bound to watch over! Blue, Brown, Green, Grey–her Ajah did not matter. This was moral decency in its most basic form.

Skirts raised, Miravalles was initiative personified as she approached the scene of distress, holding the Power. There, as she’d suspected, was Sabine, looking with frightened eyes at the Altaran man to point at her a blade so wicked. Light! That man was depraved!

Channeling rapid flows of Earth, she wove them into a matrix, letting themplunge into the blade. Strengthening her efforts with Spirit, Miravalles watched with dark, triumphant eyes as the steel crumbled to dust. “How dare you?” she accused, approaching the man. Though she was a cheerful woman, Miravalles . . . there was nothing sprightly about the way she peered at the Ebou Dari merchant. “I will not stand for the manhandling of my initiates. Now, desist, lest you learn the wrath of a sister scorned.”

The Ebou Dari man appeared hesitant, his beady eyes darting between Miravalles and Sabine, apparently trying to make note of the situation. “The girl’s a thief! She’s . . . she’s a flaming thief!”

She sighed. Well, this would hardly do. Wielding saidar, Miravalles channeled flat, circular structures of Air, tinting them a burnished golden colour with a deft touch of Illusion. A good two-dozen of them, too, so it appeared that they were well-nigh of overflowing from her hands. She did not tie these flows off. “Will these compensate for this child’s impetuousness?”

The man licked at his lips, and very well he did. Nothing the girl could possibly have taken would have amounted to twenty bloody Altaran gold crowns. That was the equivalent of four-hundred Altaran gold marks! “Light, but the rumours of Aes Sedai could not possibly be true. You’re a bloody saint.” She could very well have laughed.

Grabbing Sabine by the hand, Miravalles headed back into the Silver Circuit, still clutching the True Source. Then, once they were safely lost inside the crowd of the lobby, she released the Power. Having not tied the flows off . . . those imitation coins will have vanished. Was that a spiel of curses, then, that she heard from outside?

“Listen, child,” she said humourlessly as they made their way back into the racetrack. “I will not abide by that sort of behaviour during a lesson. Do you realize the sort of nation Altara is? It is a nation of violence, of duels, and of an underbelly that could have a child like you in danger sooner than you can say ‘marriage knife.’ Andoran or not, you are a mouse in a lion’s den. I will see that you receive a penance for your actions once we are back in Tar Valon. Now, once we are back with the others, you will pretend like you had no such excursion at all. I don’t believe that the race has begun yet. Simply place your bet on two horses, choosing between a palomino named Faris and a dun by the name of Rosamund. No money, mind. And I will be keeping a much closer eye on you during the duration of the lesson.”

OOC: *grins* There you have it. Sabine will be able to sit her penance sometime after the lesson is finished, and I’ll definitely be able to think of a doozey of a punishment for her to withstand. Be sure to place the bet, too, else you won’t be able to proceed to the next part once it’s up. Good job!

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