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She Asked for It...
Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:46pm (XFF:

Necros cheered silently as his horse crossed the finish line first, although he admitted to himself that he would've enjoyed riding the horse himself instead of having to watch. Turning around to listen to the Aes Sedai his thoughts turned to a more mischievous train of thought, although he was careful to keep an open and curious expression on his face. Well that Brown looks busy enough with... Sabine I think her name is? So maybe I should make life interesting for Thorhild Sedai, but how can I do it without getting in massive trouble?

He listened with carefully as the two Sisters explained the precautions that would be taken due to the Seanchan occupation and he mentally applauded them although he still thought they were crazy for coming here. Why didn't they just get two Brothers to guide the lesson, they'd be much safer than the Sisters. After all the Seanchan didn't collar men who could channel and they likely wouldn't be able to realize the truth.

As they got into the carriages Necros brought Scamps out and started to check the little squirrel to make sure that he was doing fine in the Ebou Dari weather, glad for the small break in the lesson to do so. Unfortunately the ride ended very soon and he had to coax the little animal back up his sleeve, since if the Seanchan didn't grow suspicious from that his poor pet might very well become some Seanchan monster's next meal. For another time Necros contemplated setting up a jungle gym or something in his room to keep his pet occupied for while he was out.

When they reached the center of town and were being told about duels and marriage knives Necros couldn't help but shake his head as one Novice voiced complete disbelief about the duels, mentally smirking as he realized the fool was one of those in Group B. His smirk became real as he suddenly caught the potential of this little mock duel, and he quickly paired up with one of the bigger male novices and set himself up behind Thorhild Sedai.

When Thorhild Sedai told everyone to begin Necros' opponent charged him, Necros barely managing to get his arms up in time to grapple with his opponent. Grunting in shock he found himself using more effort than he thought he would've needed, even though he was in very good shape from his time outdoors this guy felt like he could join a circus as a strongman. Just hold in there Necros, at least this way it'll be a little more believable... he thought as he let his opponent slowly push him back, sweat beginning to pour out of every pore as he tried to stay on his feet. Light! This guy can't be human, there's just no way!

Once they were only about a foot away from Thorhild Sedai Necros took a quick breath, barely managing to take a glance over his shoulder to see that she was still looking the other way at some of the other novices, especially some of those that really weren't managing well with passing out the pamphlets. Twisting quickly to get free of his opponent's grasp Necros stepped to the side and gave him a push towards the Blue Sister which, when combined with the guy's efforts to push Necros back and possibly onto the ground, sent him flying into her back and both of them rolling on the ground hard. As it was the moment after he pushed the other Novice, Necros quickly fell as if he had slipped and lay there panting. It really was too hot to be doing that sort of thing

OOC: Well that was an interesting part of the lesson. And the fun thing is that it's not really Necros' fault that happened :o)

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