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Caught or Saved?
Mon Apr 24, 2006 4:30pm (XFF:

Her knees ached from hitting the ground and her palms stung enough to bring tears to her eyes. Sabine had never felt physical pain before and the shock and fear running through her mind was a confusing new feeling for her. Despite her desire to be as far away from the Aes Sedai as possible, she had never been so glad to see the woman appear around the corner of the tents. How the woman had found her was still a mystery to Sabine, but the realization that she had been saved from those men who had so clearly wanted to hurt her was enough to make Sabine glad that she’d been found, even if her plans for escape had been effectively ruined.

With her wrist still clasped firmly in the other woman’s grasp, Sabine couldn’t ignore the words that were delivered even more resolutely to her ears.

“Listen, child, I will not abide by that sort of behaviour during a lesson. Do you realize the sort of nation Altara is? It is a nation of violence, of duels, and of an underbelly that could have a child like you in danger sooner than you can say ‘marriage knife.’ Andoran or not, you are a mouse in a lion’s den. I will see that you receive a penance for your actions once we are back in Tar Valon. Now, once we are back with the others, you will pretend like you had no such excursion at all. I don’t believe that the race has begun yet. Simply place your bet on two horses, choosing between a palomino named Faris and a dun by the name of Rosamund. No money, mind. And I will be keeping a much closer eye on you during the duration of the lesson.”

That was it? No inquires after her health? She was hurting, couldn’t the woman see that? Sabine pursed her lips together to keep from stammering, refusing to allow this Aes Sedai to see how upset she was, refusing to let the tears that were threatening to cascade down her cheeks. She had thought the Aes Sedai cruel for keeping her captive, but couldn’t they even show compassion? Was this really how the world worked? Her father had loved her with every fiber of his being, this Sabine had thought she was sure of, but these people outside of Caemlyn seemed to have no love within them. She began to think that perhaps she had been protected from all of this brutality and that was why her father had looked so sad when he said goodbye. Had he really allowed her to leave the safety of Caemlyn? Did this mean he really didn’t love her? Had he ever expected to see her again or did he know that this world would swallow her up?

Sabine could not believe that she was going to be punished. What had she done wrong except to try to escape the jail she’d been forced in to? Why did it seem as if she’d made the most terrible decision by staying at the White Tower when she should have left prior to this disaster? Was she really to become a slave, a servant? Was that what the White Tower was, hiding behind a façade of a place of learning? What other purpose would a penance serve if not to make her an obedient servant? Sabine could not stop the questions running through her mind as she was escorted back towards the horse-racing place.

It wouldn’t be difficult for her to pretend that her attempt at escape had failed. Sabine was stubborn enough to refuse to let her damaged pride show. She was also determined enough to not let this botched escape attempt dampen her hopes of another that would be successful in the future, once she had learned more of her circumstances. Information was what she needed, and Sabine resolved herself to at least listen to the Aes Sedai for the time being. As the woman led her through the crowds and into the building, where she assumed the horses were, she wiped her hands together to rid them of the dust and noticed that the bleeding had stopped even if her palms still stung. She knew that she would endure the pain, and however much more she must in order to get what she wanted. And, right now, she wanted nothing more than to be back home in Caemlyn. But, she knew now that removing herself from the grasp of the hateful Aes Sedai was something that would come with time. Sabine would return to the pampered and sheltered life that she felt she deserved.

“So, child,” the woman had paused a short distance from the rest of the class. “Which shall it be? Faris or Rosamund?”

“Rosamund.” She said dejectedly, deciding that it would be best to appear meek and properly chastised, and followed the Aes Sedai towards the benches.

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