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Ahoy, First Lesson!
Thu Apr 27, 2006 8:40pm (XFF:

So the first day of her novicedom had passed and gone, and she awoke yet another day an initiate of the White Tower. She hardly found that plausible as of yet; there must have been a mistake, despite whatever embracing tests she may have passed! But for now she considered it a blessing the Creator had endowed upon her, and took her stroke of luck in good stride. Closer to the truth, she took it in all of ecstasy. Her azure-hued eyes stared at the white plaster of her ceiling at the break of dawn, her lids having whipped back to expose them, and she tentatively patted her hand around her for the feel of the soft, if plain, sheets that were rumpled beneath her, for the material of the coverlets that were tangled about her. Yes, it was all substantial.

With that thought in mind she rose with a smile, and prompted to make her bed in all of careful ministration. Her covers she folded just so, and her sheets she straightened and smoothed, tucking its edges and corners beneath the thin (and hard) mattress that sat above the bed’s wooden frame; giving the whole of it a satisfactory pat, she whipped around and performed the morning’s preparation in getting herself ready for the day’s events. She slipped on her wide novice dress—its width that way because of her unfortunate girth—and as she was attempting to pet her auburn hair into a semblance of order, her door crashed open.

She spun to perceive its source, and came face to face with a girl also in novice whites, whose features might have been lovely if but for an overpowering jut of chin. “I heard there was a new girl—” the novice began, and then her eyes latched onto her properly for the first time; expectedly, her face twisted with a sneer. “Oh. I had heard you were….skinnier.”

Lilli smiled, walking a step towards her and holding out a hand. “Hi,” she said, “I’m Lilli. I am new here, and I was wondering if—?”

“I was told to remind you that there’s a lesson held in the Oval Lecture Hall today,” the girl overrode her, quite without tact, “It’s your first lesson—you might not want to miss it.” And with another smirking grin over her shoulder she turned and left the room. The door slammed behind her, and Lilli flinched.

Walking over to her drawers, she extracted a white pouch that had also been issued to her along with her white novice’s uniforms. Carefully taking this out, she looped the straps around her waist, though to her chagrin and horror, the ends didn’t quite meet. Sighing, she returned the pouch to the drawer and quietly shut it, and then determined to request her mentor, Accepted Aranisia, for another one later today. Giving her hair another pat, she quickly stepped out of her room.

The halls and ramps that spiraled their way down from the wells were foreign to her, though the day previously she had roamed them to a degree. Once she exited the premises of the novices’ residence she was quite and fully lost, but thankfully with the aid of passing serving maids she was able to sketch her way towards the place called the Oval Lecture Hall. There, she found a cluster of other white-garbed figures, as well as two Aes Sedai. Two Aes Sedai! She made her curtsies and waited for her turn to speak, which she did tremulously and with much heat infusing into her cheeks: “I’m Novice Lilli Bloom, Aes Sedai, from Whitebridge. In Andor.” Was it an insult to Aes Sedai if she said it like that? She couldn’t be sure. Another pulse of heat traversed up the thick column of her throat.

Presently what was called a ‘gateway’ was formed before them, to hers and many others’ gasps—though most novices here had seen such a spectacle before—, and Miravalles Sedai and Thorhild Sedai led them into Altara. Altara! She had never stepped foot into the land, nor had expected to do so in such a manner. As she walked into what looked like something out of a dream, her eyes widened their full length even as the sweat popped out of her pores. Distractedly she speculated that this sun would be most hazardous to her skin considering it was so fair. She eagerly joined the others as they took their spots at stone seats reserved for them.

“I would like….I would like to make my bet on Rosamund…”

  • Culture: AltaraThorhild Sedai of the Blue Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 14 10:39pm
    It was almost an embarrassment to navigate the Tower’s halls this time of year, spying the novices and Accepted wilting away for the warmth. After the long, toilsome months of winter, this sudden... more
    • Completion!Mark, Fri May 12 5:55am
      Credit goes to the following novices: Novice Lilli Novice Sabine The rest of you (two?) have twenty-four hours to email me with an extension request. /|\Mark Myrth Sedai Dedicated Lysander Sirestes... more
    • Part II: KinshipMiravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 28 9:17pm
      Adopting an amused sort of smirk, Miravalles watched as the novice–Necros, unless she was greatly mistaken–broke into an uncontrolled tumble into Thorhild. The pair of them fell to the cobbles below, ... more
      • Ashes to AshesNovice Sabine al'Risa, Mon May 8 6:28pm
        When they were led away from the square and down an alley where the Aes Sedai again created one of those doorway-type things, Now that would be a useful trick! Sabine was really hoping that they were ... more
      • Rubble RumbleNovice Lilli Bloom, Mon May 1 10:22am
        When the remaining Aes Sedai instructed them that they were permitted to ‘roam the square’, Lilli nearly panicked. How the notion of going off alone in this land sounded perverse, to say in the... more
    • Ahoy, First Lesson! — Novice Lilli Bloom, Thu Apr 27 8:40pm
    • Just trying to fill the day with funNovice Ashfair, Mon Apr 24 4:47am
      Ashfairs grey eyes floated across the Oval Lecture hall. His tall lean frame leaned against a marble pillar he seemed to be half asleep. Through his eyelashes he watched, other Novices walked in... more
    • Part I: Ebou Dari DuelsThorhild Sedai of the Blue Ajah, NPC, Fri Apr 21 9:15pm
      Thorhild watched with stark attention as each novice made his or her decision. Some appeared to take a ridiculous amount of time in the making of the choice, scrutinizing what would indefinitely come ... more
      • Of Causes and Not So Much PeaceNovice Sabine al'Risa, Thu May 4 7:35pm
        Sabine snorted as the horses crossed the finish line. This was just a bad day for her overall if she couldn’t even get lucky, perhaps the worst day she’d had since leaving Caemlyn and coming to the... more
      • My horse Lost!!Novice Lilli Bloom, Thu Apr 27 8:41pm
        “Now, students, you may notice the daggers hanging down from the necks of some of the women. These are called marriage knives.” Lilli listened with unvarying attention as the Aes Sedai began what... more
      • She Asked for It...Novice Necros al'Cairne, Sat Apr 22 4:46pm
        Necros cheered silently as his horse crossed the finish line first, although he admitted to himself that he would've enjoyed riding the horse himself instead of having to watch. Turning around to... more
    • To Learn or To Torment?Novice Necros al'Cairne, Mon Apr 17 1:31pm
      Necros grinned widely as he managed to catch sight of the poster that the Blue Sister had just posted on the lesson board, not the least because he was getting tired of being stuck in the Tower. A... more
    • A Chance For Escape?Sabine al'Risa, Novice Runaway?, Sun Apr 16 7:28pm
      There had been a flurry of activity in the Novice quarters all evening long and Sabine had been getting quite tired of the noise for some time. She had come back to her room after dinner and had... more
      • Not on my watch!Miravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Mon Apr 17 1:58pm
        With a scrupulous eye, Miravalles watched with a smile as the novices began making their bets. Really, it would have made for a fascinating study. After all, she was endlessly interested in the... more
        • A Harrowing ExperienceSabine al'Risa, Stupid Little Novice, Mon Apr 17 5:47pm
          Marvelously free! Sabine couldn’t seem to stop the smile that nearly split her face in two. Those silly Aes Sedai had thought to keep her captive? Not a chance! She knew that she should begin... more
          • RebukedMiravalles Sedai of the Brown Ajah, NPC, Tue Apr 18 6:14pm
            Disquiet was free to parade about in the pit of her being. Sabine . . . Sabine was nowhere to be seen. She decided against asking folks in passing if they’d seen the novice, for she was keen on... more
            • Caught or Saved?Novice Sabine al'Risa, Mon Apr 24 4:30pm
              Her knees ached from hitting the ground and her palms stung enough to bring tears to her eyes. Sabine had never felt physical pain before and the shock and fear running through her mind was a... more
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