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The thrill of the chase
Mon May 1, 2006 7:42am (XFF:

Classes. Schyler’s upper lip curled with displeasure as she thought of them. Even she had to admit, that some of the classes were informative. It was interesting to learn about different cultures and nations. All this information could be used to create new songs and polish up the stories gleemen told children. Schyler knew well enough how such stories were pieced together with practice and constant rehearsals as her own parents were gleemen too. She had been brought up with such kind of stories. Arthur Hawkwing and Brigitte and such other heroes were quite some friends to live up with when you were a child, but Schyler had enjoyed the ability to play with her dreams and fantasies as she wished. Growing up with a travelling theatre-troupe didn’t exactly help one get friends Schyler’s own age so that was the only way how she could have any friends at all.

But still Schyler didn’t like classes. They took away part of her freedom. Part of the time she could spend running in the gardens, brushing the horses in the White Tower stables, dancing or climbing trees while exploring the gardens. Schyler wasn’t a lady and she had never made a secret of it. She was vain in her own way, wishing she was prettier and that she wouldn’t look so much of a child. But she would always prefer country-folk and simple workers to fancy nobles who couldn’t do anything with their hands. And she would much prefer chasing the wind rather than attending some stuffy ball where etiquette rules denied you to do anything fun.

Schyler cooed softly and petted the dove sitting on her outstretched arm while feeding bread-crumbs to the bird at the same time. There was a number of birds gathered around her and even a squirrel could be seen at the foot of a near-by tree. Living so close to the White Tower had made sure that the birds weren’t afraid of humans. And the months Schyler had spent feeding bread to the birds had finally paid off and allowed her to get close enough to the animals to actually touch them. Sure, it meant that she went around with her stomach a bit emptier as she fed half of her food to the birds but it didn’t matter. There had never been too much food when she grew up, so the feeling wasn’t unfamiliar to Schyler.

Schyler threw the last pieces of breadcrumbs to Cariad, the black crane catching the food on flight. The crane was a smart one. Half-wild, half-tame. Schyler had nursed him back to health after finding the newly hatched bird with a broken wing on the side of the road about two years ago. And so Cariad had stuck with her. He never came very close and he never stayed with Schyler constantly. But he came by about once a week or so expecting Schyler to feed him. A task Schyler fulfilled merrily. „Sorry, folks, that’s all for today,“ Schyler told the birds and clapped her hands to clear her palms from small crumb-pieces stuck there. The birds hooted and let out thrillers and beated the air with their wings as they took off, the dove who had been sitting on Schyler’s arm scratching her skin with it’s claws a little bit.

„Wish I could fly away just as freely as you guys,“ Schyler muttered moodily while looking at the birds soar away in their own direction. A strand of hair fell onto Schyler’s cheek and she blew it away while turning around to see where she had dropped a ribbon with what she could secure her rather wild mane of hair at the nape of her neck. A croak caught her attention before and Schyler glanced over her shoulder to Cariad: „Yes, yes, I know. I’m not a bird and therefore I’m condamned to travel only as far as my legs can carry me. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream, so hush you.“ Schyler smiled noticing Cariad sitting on a near-by rock with the tan ribbon she had been searching for between the birds beak.

„Good! You found my ribbon,“ Schyler stated with a small grin as she straightened up and took a step towards Cariad. Only to have the bird spread its wings and took off. „Cariad!“ Schyler called almost admonishingly while grabbing hold of the skirt of the white novice’s dress and raising the hem of the skirt so that it wouldn’t get caught under her legs. Chasing after the crane that seemed to be floating just out of her reach all the time Schyler ran through most of the garden until coming to a small pond that Schyler almost toppled into. Grabbing hold of a near-by branch to steady herself while letting go of the hem of her dress Schyler felt a chuckle escape from between her lips while she stayed a bit bowed over for a moment. Her chest was heaving as Schyler panted a little for once giving the white dress some shape that Schyler’s almost childish body couldn’t usually do. Her cheeks were red from the exercise, but her hazel eyes with golden specks in them were shining with the thrill of the chase. Even if her hair with it’s naturally red and strawberry-blond and brown and almost golden strands was tumbling down her back up to her waist in a mess once again.

„Cariad!“ Schyler called again to the crane looking around in search for the bird but instead noticed a woman sitting on the benches that were gathered next to the pond. Schyler griamced at the sight of the seats. A class. At least in open air today. Schyler pushed her hair behind her ears in a fruitless attempt to look a bit more proper even if her hair was doing pretty much what it wanted once again a moment later. She couldn’t very fell run away from this class now that the teacher had already seen her, so she might as well try to get this over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Cariad seemed to have gotten tired of the game as well as Schyler wasn’t chasing him anymore so the crane circled the benches for a couple of times before dropping the ribbon on the ground and flying off to handle whatever business it was that crane’s had to handle. Schyler walked towards the benches stumbling once on a small rock making her leg bend awkwardly for a moment. The woman could take it as a curtsy if she wanted to. But Schyler wasn’t going to bow before someone who wasn’t an Aes Sedai. And this girl was still lacking the tell-tale ageless features so Schyler was rather certain she wasn’t an Aes Sedai yet.

„I’m Schyler,“ Schyler told the woman almost challengingly as she picked up her ribbon and sat down on her knees on the ground as near to the pond as possible. Turning her eyes over to the lake Schyler tried to untangle her hair with the help of her fingers before starting to braid it. The serene atmosphere of the garden here soothed her nerves a little so Schyler didn’t even fully notice at which point she started to quietly sing about the Horn of Valere to herself. One good thing about g´being the daughter of a gleeman – Schyler could sing and she knew a very wide variety of songs to fit pretty much her every mood.

  • Novice Channeling!Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 1 6:26am
    Medaea stood before the Mistress of Novices' desk, her tall form pulled upright into perfect posture, dark curls of her hair pulled back into a blue ribbon that wound around her head and bound the... more
    • Things Left UnsaidNovice Jocelyn Selle, Sat May 13 7:41pm
      OOC: For the sake of my sanity, we'll pretend this lesson is one she took before their MRP. If we didn't do that, writing Jocelyn in a lesson might prove painful for all those involved, especially... more
    • Part 1: EncouragementAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 8 6:30am
      Medaea looked at the generous sized group and felt pleased that she had such a wonderful turnout, if something of a sour beginning. Gesturing to those who had stood who hadn't needed to, she said,... more
      • WeaknessNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:40am
        Sarina felt completely happy when all Accepted Medaea said was that she had better get to work. She had been so afraid that she would not be allowed into the lesson because she was late. Perhaps... more
      • I Hate Pink!Novice Doniel Ikarus, Mon May 15 4:07pm
        Not that he wasn't bothered about how the plants all seemed to be ridiculously healthy; quite the contrary: the thought had occurred to him a few times, but he simply couldn't understand the... more
      • Part 2: GreenhousesAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 6:13am
        Medaea gathered the Novices back in again, her and Alain weaving the Keeping for all of the Novices who had requested it; most had, though there were a few that shook their heads and politely... more
        • Lavender FieldsSorcha Eamonn, Fri May 26 5:48am
          Sorcha was silently very pleased about this next part of the lesson; Air and Water would present far less of a problem for her than the weave of Earth, Water and Spirit of the first part of the... more
        • Part 3: Dried HerbsAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 22 7:28am
          There was no true indication that the Novices had performed their weaves properly except to go around and examine them to see that they'd been formed properly. Some of the Novices had succeeded,... more
          • Elements of StrengthNovice Jocelyn Selle, Wed Jun 7 8:18pm
            "If you'll pay close attention Accepted Medaea and I will perform one way to dry the herbs – I'll show the male channelers how to use Earth and Fire first and Accepted Medaea will first demonstrate... more
          • A cause close to my heart.Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 31 9:57pm
            Moira hesitantly let her weave fall apart, slightly disappointed at the speed with which it dissipated into the air, the threads returning to their place in the ceaseless river of saidar from which... more
          • Too Much FireNovice Sarian, Tue May 30 10:33am
            Sarina followed the crowd from a small distance, not hesitating, but setting herself apart from the rest. It still felt awkward to be among so many people. They quickly made their way into what the... more
          • Lesson Completed!Taryn, Tue May 30 8:28am
            The following Novices have credit for this channeling lesson: Novice Lilli Novice Taphen Novice Teiran Novice Sorcha The following have a one week extension to finish up: Novice Doniel Novice Jocelyn ... more
          • Is It Thyme?Sorcha Eamonn, Sun May 28 2:27am
            Silently so as to not draw Accepted Medaea’s attention to her where she would no doubt be forced to stand up for the remainder of the lesson, Sorcha followed the two Accepted away from the stools and ... more
          • Channelling with easeNovice Teiran Ketai, Fri May 26 3:40am
            "Schyler, Teiran, come stand up here at this table" Teiran quickly looked down to hide the flash of irritation and embarrassment as he and Schyler were called on to stand next to the two Accepted. He ... more
          • Using The Manly ElementsNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 25 4:17am
            Taphen exhaled in relief, when Medaea and Alain showed them a way to use Fire and Earth to dry up the herbs. It was a lot more efficient way to accomplish this feat, than the weak weave Taphen had... more
          • Wholesome TravailNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 23 11:29pm
            They were led into the ‘drying rooms’, as the Accepted called them, and Lilli looked around in wonder as she perceived the stocks of herbs, either waiting to be dried and packaged, or already done so ... more
        • A Futile AttemptNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 18 2:58pm
          Water and Air? Why doesn’t she just say that men are not allowed to participate in this lesson. Taphen was well aware of his limitations and it seemed doubtful that he would be able to make this... more
        • Bio DomeNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:41am
          They had only been working a short while with the roses, but long enough for each person to try once or twice. Sarina had failed on her first attempt and her second. Sarina was pulled out of her... more
        • DaydreamingNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu May 18 1:37am
          The pleasant smells of herbs and spices wafted over the class as they entered the herb garden. Teiran took a deep breath, cherishing all the different smells that each in their own way was pleasant,... more
        • Isn't global warming bad?Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 17 8:07pm
          Moira clutched the rose with its Keeping to her chest for a moment, happily touching the petals before slipping it into her nearly-empty belt pouch with a smile. She'd use some of the pins currently... more
        • The greater goodNovice Schyler Dacoran, Wed May 17 10:31am
          Schyler had barely had time to gain control of herself when that annoying Accepted wanted them to move. Schyler sent an irritated glance over her shoulder to the older girl and followed her as the... more
        • Me the CultivatorNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 16 9:41pm
          The class walked several paces until it had reached a portioned off area of the gardens the female Accepted named the ‘herb gardens’, and Lilli like the others was tacit in her musings as she let her ... more
        • Green with EnvyNovice Jocelyn Selle, Tue May 16 8:22pm
          All her time in the Tower, Jocelyn had resented the fact that she was being taught by women who had been in the Tower years less than she had; women who had been channeling for under half the time... more
      • Flowers for MeNovice Jocelyn Selle, Sun May 14 7:36pm
        "A bloom for Mistress Bloom." Accepted Alain said cleverly, holding out the rose he had just plucked to the girl named Lilli. She seemed to need such kindness from what Jocelyn could tell; after all, ... more
      • Plant AugmentationNovice Taphen al'Goud, Sun May 14 3:15pm
        Lessons at the White Tower was a funny thing, having tried lessons at the Black Tower, Taphen saw the huge difference in style and purpose of the lessons being taught. The Black Tower seemed to teach ... more
        • Practical UsesAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 5:51am
          She was passing by another Novice when he spoke up—she remembered his name as being Taphen. “Accepted, while I appreciate the value of this weave, how does it apply to situations other than... more
      • Not So EncouragingSorcha Eamonn, Sat May 13 4:46am
        In the years that she had worn the novice whites, Sorcha had learnt that her element strengths started at Air and ended with Earth, with Water, Spirit and Fire in that order in the middle. Using... more
        • Encouragement for lack thereofAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 5:44am
          One Novice flagged Medaea down, her face composed but there was obvious disappointment when she looked at the rosebush that had flourished in some areas and withered in others. "Excuse me, Accepted... more
      • Well, I'll make my own flower, then.Novice Moira Ivon, Fri May 12 10:51pm
        With the Accepted's permission, Moira took a stool close to the front of the group, glancing with wide eyes at the novices who had been so silly as to get Accepted Medaea mad at them. Who would want... more
      • Apologies for LatenessNovice Sarina, Fri May 12 4:31pm
        (OOC: sorry about writing the introduction here, but I felt that since I am late in writing this then she should also be late in getting there. I hope you are not to hard on her for being late, but... more
      • A white roseNovice Schyler Dacoran, Thu May 11 2:30am
        Schyler stood as the Accepted ordered. How was she to know to which Aes Sedai she would run had she not? Shyler didn’t bother to reply however as she just turned to face the small pond and without... more
      • To make an effortNovice Teiran Ketai, Tue May 9 10:41am
        Observing the two Accepted, Medaea and Alain, Teiran was struck by an increasing awareness of just how much higher than him they were placed in the order of things. Sure, he had been explained that... more
      • “Off with her head!”Novice Lilli Bloom, Mon May 8 9:38pm
        All the other novices opted for the prettier roses, the bright yellow ones or the peach-tinted ones tipped with lambent pink, and as they scrambled with their stools towards their chosen bush—all... more
    • What a stroke of luck!Novice Moira Ivon, Sun May 7 8:23pm
      She'd been standing in the same place for a very long time, dark slender brows drawn together into a frown, mouth twisted with frustration; her storm-cloud eyes had been fixed on the same spot of the ... more
    • The Heebie-JeebiesNovice Lilli Bloom, Sat May 6 6:35am
      On her return from Altara she had meandered by the lesson boards on the off-chance that she would find yet another lesson to occupy her time in the near-future with, and to her surprise there... more
    • Momentary FreedomNovice Doniel Ikarus, Fri May 5 2:06am
      He came away from the Offices with in a very grouchy mindset. Sloane knew nothing and had no reason whatsoever to throw the accusations he had. So help him Doniel wished he could give the man a... more
    • A New LessonSorcha Eamonn, Wed May 3 12:39am
      “There’s another channeling lesson on,” Erissa said over the midday meal, pausing to take a sip of water from her cup. “Oh really?” Sorcha asked, placing her knife and fork down in the polite manner... more
    • One More to Stand AttentionNovice Taphen al'Goud, Tue May 2 1:56pm
      Trying not to yawn Taphen got up to put his tray away, some days lunch seemed to make him more tired than revitalize him, and this was slowly turning into one of those days. He had spent the morning... more
    • Threads of powerNovice Teiran Ketai, Tue May 2 9:19am
      Standing in front of the mirror, Teiran tried rather unsuccessfully to clean his face of all kinds of smudges and spots acquired throughout a morning filled with several rather dirty chores. One spot ... more
      • The cheese stands aloneAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Tue May 2 9:48am
        Medaea looked around as a young Novice arrived and performed a perfunctory bow; she'd received as much from lords in Mayene who had been her social equal and after the incident with the first Novice, ... more
        • I stand correctedNovice Teiran Ketai, Tue May 2 3:24pm
          Teiran blinked in surprise as Accepted Medaea's words rolled over him like an avalanche. Besides the sheer force that was behind each word that was hurled at him, each point seemed to be designed to... more
    • The thrill of the chase — Novice Schyler Dacoran, Mon May 1 7:42am
      • The fury of an AcceptedAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Tue May 2 9:42am
        Medaea stared at the Novice who had come traipsing in first, bending to pick up a ribbon without a curtsey and then plopping herself on the ground with a short, rude introduction. Walking to the girl ... more
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