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The fury of an Accepted
Tue May 2, 2006 9:42am (XFF:

Medaea stared at the Novice who had come traipsing in first, bending to pick up a ribbon without a curtsey and then plopping herself on the ground with a short, rude introduction. Walking to the girl with a cold expression on her face, she said quietly, "Stand up, Novice." The girl named "Schyler" did so after a long hesitation and Medaea pressed her lips together in irritation. She hadn't been so long out of Novice whites to assume that Novices were allowed any sort of willful behavior. "For the remainder of the lesson you'll stand while the others sit. And I'm to be addressed as Accepted Medaea, Novice Schyler." She almost turned away to go before adding, "And if you misbehave once more during this lesson you'll be dismissed without credit, I don't care where you came from and who you are, I will not tolerate even a breath of bad behavior from anyone here."

Turning away she went back to her seat.

OOC: I've sent you an email, but I'd like you to know that this threat of being put out of the lesson goes both IC and OOC. Her attitude is interesting character-wise but won't be tolerated.

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