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The cheese stands alone
Tue May 2, 2006 9:48am (XFF:

Medaea looked around as a young Novice arrived and performed a perfunctory bow; she'd received as much from lords in Mayene who had been her social equal and after the incident with the first Novice, she was in rare form and working to keep her face smooth as his eyes sparkled with his true emotions. If she hadn't spent fifteen years navigating the waters of noble society, perhaps she might not have understood, but she did. Why couldn't Alain have been on time for once and dealt with this, I already have one problem as it is.

"Novice Teiran, here in the White Tower I am Accepted and you are Novice. I have spent over six years training and you will do well to remember that when you bow, it's to a superior. Get up from that stool, you'll be standing for the remainder of the lesson as well so that those who can remember how to behave can be comfortable." Alain was just walking up when Medaea leaned forward and said softly but with complete calm and self-possession, "I won't hesitate to have you sent to a farm for a few months to give you perspective on things. Now stay right there."

Turning away, she saw the male Accepted lift a brow in question before settling gracefully into his own seat in silence.

OOC: You should have my email as well going over this--it was a bad time to act up with me. =) And Alain was going to be tardy but hey it worked to edge him in here. LOL

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