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I stand corrected
Tue May 2, 2006 3:24pm (XFF:

Teiran blinked in surprise as Accepted Medaea's words rolled over him like an avalanche. Besides the sheer force that was behind each word that was hurled at him, each point seemed to be designed to hit him with the greatest possible impact. If he had not known better, he would have suspected her of being able to read his mind. His face must have been giving away more of his true feelings than he had suspected, and Accepted Medaea had seized upon those, deftly owning up to what rumour said about her. A meek "Yes, Accepted" escaped his lips, more out of reflex than by any coherent thought, but it seemed to satisfy her, at least for the time being.

...six years' training ... bow to your superior ... sent to the farm... The words were still floating around in Teiran's head, although Accepted Medaea had long since turned her attention away from him and towards other incoming students. He fervently hoped she had no idea how sorely her words had hurt, that they were chosen by chance rather than by design, for if his every emotion was that easily read, he feared his stay in the White Tower would be shorter than planned. She had struck his want of finishing Novicehood sooner than the average Novice, struck his seething dislike of being inferior to anyone, and finished off by threatening to postpone his teaching by several months. Those exact words seemed to be calculated to bring about the greatest impact on him. No, it could not be by chance only that she had chosen them. Thanking the Light that she had not sent him out of the class, Teiran spent the remainder of the time before class thinking. Angering Accepted, not to mention Aes Sedai, would not realize his goals and dreams at all.

  • The cheese stands aloneAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Tue May 2 9:48am
    Medaea looked around as a young Novice arrived and performed a perfunctory bow; she'd received as much from lords in Mayene who had been her social equal and after the incident with the first Novice, ... more
    • I stand corrected — Novice Teiran Ketai, Tue May 2 3:24pm
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