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Of Causes and Not So Much Peace
Thu May 4, 2006 7:35pm (XFF:

Sabine snorted as the horses crossed the finish line. This was just a bad day for her overall if she couldn’t even get lucky, perhaps the worst day she’d had since leaving Caemlyn and coming to the Tower. She listened miserably as they were divided into groups, only a little surprised that she ended up in the party led by Miravalles Sedai. The whole thing had probably been orchestrated that way since the woman had said she’d keep on eye on Sabine the remainder of the lesson.

Once again, Sabine was shocked when her dress changed color. If this was something she’d be able to do, she wished they’d get on with teaching her, instead of traipsing her about on field trips. She didn’t quite realize that they had been trying to teach her; she’d just been too stubborn to listen. But, a thought that had crossed her mind once before landed there again. The Aes Sedai were hiding who they were, and perhaps even what they could do. Sabine idly wondered what would happen if they were found out. As desperate as she was to leave, she didn’t think it would be a very good idea if she got hurt in the process. And, judging by the people of the city, getting injured seemed like a very real possibility.

The speech that the two women gave once they were inside the city confirmed what Sabine had been thinking. And, they wanted them to instigate fights between themselves and hand out pamphlets to these violent people? They really didn’t care about their well-being!

Sabine took her stack of papers with reservation, not even looking down at the causes listed across the top. She couldn’t read anyway, and didn’t care one way or the other what they said. Her hands and knees still hurt and she didn’t want any further harm to come to her. Sabine moved slightly away from the crowd, knowing that a chance for escape wouldn’t come here, as Miravalles Sedai moved in tandem to keep a watch on her charge. If only she had waited!

She gathered a few of the pamphlets in one hand and held them out to the first person passing her, who looked down at her in disgust before continuing on. Sabine sighed in exasperation. Okay, she understood the point that these were nasty people, why did she have to continue standing here? A few more passersby actually took the papers she was holding out, only to toss them down a few steps away. Soon, Sabine thought the whole square would be littered with the flyers. Maybe she could sneak over and dump the whole lot of them in the fountain?

That idea would certainly not work but, sooner rather than later, Sabine was relieved to find that her stack of papers had diminished to almost nothing, and that Miravalles Sedai was gathering the other novices around her. As far as Sabine was concerned, the only exciting thing about the whole day had been watching that other novice knock over Thorhild Sedai!

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