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Momentary Freedom
Fri May 5, 2006 2:06am (XFF:

He came away from the Offices with in a very grouchy mindset. Sloane knew nothing and had no reason whatsoever to throw the accusations he had. So help him Doniel wished he could give the man a particularly fierce punch in the face – and enjoy doing it. Now, the free time he'd earned (which ought to be spent on something more enjoyable than chores) would have to be spent in lessons with new Novices, 'shadowing' Accepted and chatting with Aes Sedai. It didn't bear thinking about; Doniel was too annoyed at his new set of tasks. Of course, Sloane had told him not to view them as such, but it was inevitable that Doniel would; he had been working far too hard for his freedom to suddenly find himself with little more than what he'd had before, and instead having to spend his time with despicable people from the Tower's hierarchy. It irked him considerably.

Either way, Doniel stormed away from the area of the Tower he'd been in whilst speaking to the Mistress and Master of Novices. He'd never really thought about Sloane in such a hateful way before; they'd never really conversed much. Sure, the Amadician knew his name but, then, what Novice didn't? Now however, it was a name he despised. He knew that sounded pathetic, but that was how he felt. He rounded the final corridor, and his room was now hiding behind one of the many plain white doors lurking either side of him. With a precise knowledge of where his was, Doniel thrust his door open, and slammed it shut behind him again. Anger still bristling within him, he gave the bed a couple of swift kicks. In spite of its shabbiness, it held firm under Doniel's outburst.

Doniel winced slightly at the pain which shot through his foot – kicking a solid object wasn't the most painless thing to do to expel anger – but spent no time in moaning or grabbing his foot in the hope of making it better. Instead he glared into his tiny, cracked mirror and glared at his own reflection. His hard features stared back, and shadowed eyes surveyed the rest of his face. Most gapingly different was the complete lack of a beard. In order to free himself from penance, the Novice'd had to cut it off, and each time he stroked the bottom of his chin, he missed it dearly. The only comfort he could derive from the lack of a beard, was that it wouldn’t take long to grow back, even if he was only allowed to have a tiny stubble. Something was better than nothing. He just felt so naked without it.

A knock at the door caused Doniel to literally chuck his mirror back onto the desk – he cared little if it broke – and called rudely to the person on the other side of the door: "What?". As soon as he had, the door swung open, and Pan strode in. She was pouting slightly, and had her fists on her hips. Thanks to his considerably superior height, he was a fair bit over six feet high, Doniel had to incline his head down to look at her, even given the distance they were away from each other. This was something Doniel did enjoy; looking down at people made him feel bigger. Needless to say he wasn't too happy that Sloane was a similar height if not just that crucial amount taller.

"Just because you're off your penance Novice Doniel doesn't mean that you can start shouting something so crude at your door. That could easily have been another Accepted or Aes Sedai. As it is, I feel no need to offer penance; you've done enough. But for Light's sake, you need to change your attitude Novice." Her tone took another change, like she was resisting referring to him with just his name, lest he might become a friend or something strange like that. It was something Doniel wasn't used to from her, they had been on good terms when last they spoke. "I did not, however, come here to scold you for something so petty. I'm just saying that others will, and you just don't seem to realise it." She let out a sigh and Doniel felt the need to interrupt.

"Sorry Accepted." He held back his anger as he spoke to her. Quite ready to tell her to go forth and die, Doniel knew it would do him no favours. To annoy Pan would soon land him in the bad books of the Mistress of Novices again, and that meant he would be back on penance. Quite why they wouldn't throw him out, he just couldn't understand, but they wouldn't and he was suffering for it.

"What I came here to tell you was that a pair of Accepted are going to be conducting a lesson in the Southern Gardens starting in less than a candlemark. I know you don't want to go, but I suggest you do. One last time before you don't get to attend them so much, and instead have to spend your time with Novices who's connection to the Source is haphazard at best. I doubt you'll appreciate me making you go now, but later, I'm sure you'll see why. Light, what you did to get Sloane against you I will never know, nor do I want to. Anyway, I shall take my leave there. Make sure you attend that lesson Doniel, or I will believe you to have reverted to your usual pig-headed manner." With that, she wheeled about and paced out his door at great speed – not even hearing to the desperate Novice behind her crying: "Sloane isn't against me!"

Doniel let out an almighty sigh, before heading to the Southern Gardens. He had less than a candlemark to get there, but it ought to be ample time to get there and not be late. Tardiness was never appreciated at a lesson. Especially not by jumped-up Accepted who thought they were all but Aes Sedai just because they'd passed some dumb test and got a pretty ring on their finger. The scenery passed him by quickly, his long legs carried him at quite a great speed. The only interruption to his fast paced walk was from the bows he had to give to every Accepted and Aes Sedai he passed. What do Aes Sedai get from having nearly everyone in the Tower bow and curtsey to them? It was more of a mental rhetorical question, as he knew that all Aes Sedai were on some form of power trip.

Finally, Doniel made his way to where a huddle of Novices were loitering around what the Amadician could distinctly make out to be a pair of Accepted – just as Pan had described. Some of the Novice's were seated, others standing. Unsure quite as to why this is, Doniel approached with caution, quickly worrying that he'd been unfortunate enough to be forced to attend a lesson with one of the Accepted he'd been thinking about earlier; those who thought they were already Aes Sedai. Once he was stood before them Doniel had hoped he would recognise at least one of them, but both of them were completely new faces to him, but the fact that they were Accepted meant they weren't new to the Tower, which was what mattered. Dropping a bow to them both individually, he waited for one of them to speak before he did. "Good Novices don’t speak until spoken too, he thought, with a great deal of mockery. He knew all about how to be a good Novice, thanks to his penance.

Once given a cue to speak, the Novice introduced himself to them, dropping another bow to each of them after doing so; one could never be too careful around Accepted – particularly if they behaved as he expected. One of the Accepted bid him over to the rest of the Novices to wait for the start of the lesson. As instructed, Doniel followed the gesture of the Accepted's finger, and stood amongst the crowd of white. He was preparing to sit down however, before he decided against it; it seemed not to be allowed. The two standing didn't seem like they wanted to be, and the sun was particularly glorious on the day, so it was more likely that they both wanted to sit down to preserve energy. As such, Doniel spoke up. "Accepted," he inquired, waiting for one of them to give some sign that he could continue speaking. He never once considered that they were expecting a hellion to turn up – after all Doniel was very well known amongst the Accepted and Aes Sedai. Light knew they'd needed to punish him enough. "Do I need permission to sit?" He felt like an idiot, but he wasn't going to risk having to stand for the entire lesson, as it seemed the other two offenders were. It was too warm; too much effort.

Thankfully, he was given the go-ahead to be seated, and it took only moments for Doniel to drop himself to a seated position, relief flooding him as he was able to take the weight off his feet and enjoy the pleasant heat, rather than loathe it. Simple things, it seemed, were sometimes the most appreciated. The light breeze which swept his tousled blond hair was refreshing too, especially as it caressed his face, which was lined with a very thin trace of sweat. With nothing to do but wait for the lesson, Doniel simply enjoyed being outside, and did his best to resist scraping his chin, for the knowledge that he wouldn't find the satisfaction of any short, bristly stubble there. Bloody Mistress of Novices! he cursed to himself.

OOC: Hope that was okay =)

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