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Flowers for Me
Sun May 14, 2006 7:36pm (XFF:

"A bloom for Mistress Bloom." Accepted Alain said cleverly, holding out the rose he had just plucked to the girl named Lilli. She seemed to need such kindness from what Jocelyn could tell; after all, the poor girl was still new to the world of the White Tower and Jocelyn knew how vicious her fellow novices could be well enough. She had been on the receiving end of quite of few cruel remarks from some of the novices who resented her for no better reason than she had been born in Seanchan. Novice Lilli was, well, to put it delicately, she was overweight. Quite a bit so, meaning she would be subjected an endless string of teasing from those novices who seemed to have the perfect looks. Girls like Jocelyn's own twin sister, Calia. Girls who had been born with gorgeous looks and only grew more beautiful as the years passed. There seemed to be a strange abundance of such novices. She would have thought it an effect of working the Power if she herself had not been so plain. Jocelyn had not been so blessed; Calia had been the twin with all the luck after all. Still, even after ten years in this Tower it made Jocelyn smile to see that an Accepted was at least paying attention enough to do something good for a novice. Then again, maybe he was just being clever.

"Each of you – except for Novices Schyler and Teiran, you'll remain standing – take you stool and spread out to a rosebush." Accepted Medaea picked up the lesson once Alain had given the flower to the girl. As far as Jocelyn could tell, the two novices who had been named had gotten themselves into a bit of trouble before she had arrived. "Accepted Alain and I will be walking around to make sure you're doing well and if you have any troubles, just ask. When you're done, you're permitted to take a flower if you wish, as a souvenir and I'll be happy to weave a Keeping on it so that it won't fade for you. Now spread out and begin!" Jocelyn stood quickly, picking up her stool as she did so, and made her way to a smaller rosebush with vividly yellow flower buds on its thorny branches. Jocelyn had a certain fondness for yellow, both the color and the Ajah she could never be a part of. As much as she admired what they did, Jocelyn didn't have the Talent to Heal. The Aes Sedai tried to claim she couldn't possibly know that yet, but she had been tested in Seanchan for the major Talents and she knew. Besides, after sixteen years of channeling one ought to have an idea of what their Talents were.

Setting her stool down, Jocelyn made herself as comfortable as she could in front of the rosebush she had chosen and pictured in her mind a lily opening to the sun. It was the way the White Tower taught embracing, not the Seanchan, and after so long she really didn't need to go through the exercise of envisioning anymore. Yet, today it was strangely comforting. Some part of her needed to relax, after all lessons were growing tedious, and learn to take things as they came. She had been a novice so long she was forgetting was beginning to grow tired of the restrictions placed upon her. For example, even now as she drew on saidar enough that she knew even using Water she would be able to complete the weave, she was acutely aware of the fact that if it hadn't been for the two Accepted she wouldn't be allowed to channel at all. She had known what she was for sixteen years! Surely she could be trusted not to harm herself with the Power after that long? After all, she wasn't Calia for the Light's sake; she could control her gift.

Drawing out the strands of Water, her weakest element, and Spirit and worked them into the ground to form a net of strands as Accepted Medaea had done around the roots of her own rosebush. The Water, well after so many years the Water only fought slightly in her grasp. Sixteen years ago, long before she had come to Tar Valon – or this continent for that matter – working with Water would have been difficult, but she had had many years to practice. Since enrolling as a novice her control had improved greatly and she was even beginning to make up some of the large disparity between her weaker and stronger elements that had been caused by the sul'dam only training her to fight with Fire and Earth and not bothering to hone the less useful Air and Water. Still, the net of Water and Spirit laced together with a measure of ease.

On the other hand, drawing on Earth was like coming back to an old friend who welcomed her with open arms. Earth was her strongest element, her most easily drawn upon element, but difficult to use in its own ways. Earth had a tendency to take on a life its own if she didn't guide it properly, and it was harder to weave with the dexterity of her weaker elements. Still, she liked it best as she drew it up into a grid woven with more Spirit and Water. As she had seen the Accepted's weave do, the flows of the Power wrapped themselves around the roots of the bush and Jocelyn could feel the shift in the plant just before she saw it. As each novice was taught to do in their embracing lessons, the flowers lifted up and unfurled themselves to soak in the rays of a warm summer sun. Yellow blooms unleashed a sweet fragrance, easily identified by Power heightened senses. Carefully plucking one of the blooms, yet still managing to prick her finger on a thorn, Jocelyn took it to Accepted Medaea. With a curtsey she waited a moment for the woman to acknowledge her presence before holding out the blossom. "Accepted Medaea, if it wouldn't be too much trouble could you please weave a Keeping on this one?" For some reason those words, delivered in the tone expected from a novice to an Accepted, grated on Jocelyn. Suddenly she realized that Accepted Medaea was one of those girls who had enrolled and been raised in the time Jocelyn had been a novice.

  • Part 1: EncouragementAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 8 6:30am
    Medaea looked at the generous sized group and felt pleased that she had such a wonderful turnout, if something of a sour beginning. Gesturing to those who had stood who hadn't needed to, she said,... more
    • WeaknessNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:40am
      Sarina felt completely happy when all Accepted Medaea said was that she had better get to work. She had been so afraid that she would not be allowed into the lesson because she was late. Perhaps... more
    • I Hate Pink!Novice Doniel Ikarus, Mon May 15 4:07pm
      Not that he wasn't bothered about how the plants all seemed to be ridiculously healthy; quite the contrary: the thought had occurred to him a few times, but he simply couldn't understand the... more
    • Part 2: GreenhousesAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 6:13am
      Medaea gathered the Novices back in again, her and Alain weaving the Keeping for all of the Novices who had requested it; most had, though there were a few that shook their heads and politely... more
      • Lavender FieldsSorcha Eamonn, Fri May 26 5:48am
        Sorcha was silently very pleased about this next part of the lesson; Air and Water would present far less of a problem for her than the weave of Earth, Water and Spirit of the first part of the... more
      • Part 3: Dried HerbsAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 22 7:28am
        There was no true indication that the Novices had performed their weaves properly except to go around and examine them to see that they'd been formed properly. Some of the Novices had succeeded,... more
        • Elements of StrengthNovice Jocelyn Selle, Wed Jun 7 8:18pm
          "If you'll pay close attention Accepted Medaea and I will perform one way to dry the herbs – I'll show the male channelers how to use Earth and Fire first and Accepted Medaea will first demonstrate... more
        • A cause close to my heart.Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 31 9:57pm
          Moira hesitantly let her weave fall apart, slightly disappointed at the speed with which it dissipated into the air, the threads returning to their place in the ceaseless river of saidar from which... more
        • Too Much FireNovice Sarian, Tue May 30 10:33am
          Sarina followed the crowd from a small distance, not hesitating, but setting herself apart from the rest. It still felt awkward to be among so many people. They quickly made their way into what the... more
        • Lesson Completed!Taryn, Tue May 30 8:28am
          The following Novices have credit for this channeling lesson: Novice Lilli Novice Taphen Novice Teiran Novice Sorcha The following have a one week extension to finish up: Novice Doniel Novice Jocelyn ... more
        • Is It Thyme?Sorcha Eamonn, Sun May 28 2:27am
          Silently so as to not draw Accepted Medaea’s attention to her where she would no doubt be forced to stand up for the remainder of the lesson, Sorcha followed the two Accepted away from the stools and ... more
        • Channelling with easeNovice Teiran Ketai, Fri May 26 3:40am
          "Schyler, Teiran, come stand up here at this table" Teiran quickly looked down to hide the flash of irritation and embarrassment as he and Schyler were called on to stand next to the two Accepted. He ... more
        • Using The Manly ElementsNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 25 4:17am
          Taphen exhaled in relief, when Medaea and Alain showed them a way to use Fire and Earth to dry up the herbs. It was a lot more efficient way to accomplish this feat, than the weak weave Taphen had... more
        • Wholesome TravailNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 23 11:29pm
          They were led into the ‘drying rooms’, as the Accepted called them, and Lilli looked around in wonder as she perceived the stocks of herbs, either waiting to be dried and packaged, or already done so ... more
      • A Futile AttemptNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 18 2:58pm
        Water and Air? Why doesn’t she just say that men are not allowed to participate in this lesson. Taphen was well aware of his limitations and it seemed doubtful that he would be able to make this... more
      • Bio DomeNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:41am
        They had only been working a short while with the roses, but long enough for each person to try once or twice. Sarina had failed on her first attempt and her second. Sarina was pulled out of her... more
      • DaydreamingNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu May 18 1:37am
        The pleasant smells of herbs and spices wafted over the class as they entered the herb garden. Teiran took a deep breath, cherishing all the different smells that each in their own way was pleasant,... more
      • Isn't global warming bad?Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 17 8:07pm
        Moira clutched the rose with its Keeping to her chest for a moment, happily touching the petals before slipping it into her nearly-empty belt pouch with a smile. She'd use some of the pins currently... more
      • The greater goodNovice Schyler Dacoran, Wed May 17 10:31am
        Schyler had barely had time to gain control of herself when that annoying Accepted wanted them to move. Schyler sent an irritated glance over her shoulder to the older girl and followed her as the... more
      • Me the CultivatorNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 16 9:41pm
        The class walked several paces until it had reached a portioned off area of the gardens the female Accepted named the ‘herb gardens’, and Lilli like the others was tacit in her musings as she let her ... more
      • Green with EnvyNovice Jocelyn Selle, Tue May 16 8:22pm
        All her time in the Tower, Jocelyn had resented the fact that she was being taught by women who had been in the Tower years less than she had; women who had been channeling for under half the time... more
    • Flowers for Me — Novice Jocelyn Selle, Sun May 14 7:36pm
    • Plant AugmentationNovice Taphen al'Goud, Sun May 14 3:15pm
      Lessons at the White Tower was a funny thing, having tried lessons at the Black Tower, Taphen saw the huge difference in style and purpose of the lessons being taught. The Black Tower seemed to teach ... more
      • Practical UsesAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 5:51am
        She was passing by another Novice when he spoke up—she remembered his name as being Taphen. “Accepted, while I appreciate the value of this weave, how does it apply to situations other than... more
    • Not So EncouragingSorcha Eamonn, Sat May 13 4:46am
      In the years that she had worn the novice whites, Sorcha had learnt that her element strengths started at Air and ended with Earth, with Water, Spirit and Fire in that order in the middle. Using... more
      • Encouragement for lack thereofAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 5:44am
        One Novice flagged Medaea down, her face composed but there was obvious disappointment when she looked at the rosebush that had flourished in some areas and withered in others. "Excuse me, Accepted... more
    • Well, I'll make my own flower, then.Novice Moira Ivon, Fri May 12 10:51pm
      With the Accepted's permission, Moira took a stool close to the front of the group, glancing with wide eyes at the novices who had been so silly as to get Accepted Medaea mad at them. Who would want... more
    • Apologies for LatenessNovice Sarina, Fri May 12 4:31pm
      (OOC: sorry about writing the introduction here, but I felt that since I am late in writing this then she should also be late in getting there. I hope you are not to hard on her for being late, but... more
    • A white roseNovice Schyler Dacoran, Thu May 11 2:30am
      Schyler stood as the Accepted ordered. How was she to know to which Aes Sedai she would run had she not? Shyler didn’t bother to reply however as she just turned to face the small pond and without... more
    • To make an effortNovice Teiran Ketai, Tue May 9 10:41am
      Observing the two Accepted, Medaea and Alain, Teiran was struck by an increasing awareness of just how much higher than him they were placed in the order of things. Sure, he had been explained that... more
    • “Off with her head!”Novice Lilli Bloom, Mon May 8 9:38pm
      All the other novices opted for the prettier roses, the bright yellow ones or the peach-tinted ones tipped with lambent pink, and as they scrambled with their stools towards their chosen bush—all... more
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