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Encouragement for lack thereof
Mon May 15, 2006 5:44am (XFF:

One Novice flagged Medaea down, her face composed but there was obvious disappointment when she looked at the rosebush that had flourished in some areas and withered in others. "Excuse me, Accepted Medaea, I think I have a problem, but Im not sure what I did wrong.

Looking at the residues of the weaves, she was immediately able to see the problem. "This weaves relies quite a bit on threads of Earth and yours simply appear to be too thin, it's a common problem for those not very strong in Earth at all." She pointed to a couple of others who had failed in very similar fashions. "As you can see, others have had similar failures. The nature of plants is that they require a balance of water to keep them nourished and minerals from the ground itself to make them strong and grow. When there's a weakness in Earth to draw them in, you run into problems with this sort of encouragement. It's okay though, Sorcha, you did very well with your attempt." She nodded her head and moved on.

  • Not So EncouragingSorcha Eamonn, Sat May 13 4:46am
    In the years that she had worn the novice whites, Sorcha had learnt that her element strengths started at Air and ended with Earth, with Water, Spirit and Fire in that order in the middle. Using... more
    • Encouragement for lack thereof — Accepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 5:44am
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