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I Hate Pink!
Mon May 15, 2006 4:07pm (XFF:

Not that he wasn't bothered about how the plants all seemed to be ridiculously healthy; quite the contrary: the thought had occurred to him a few times, but he simply couldn't understand the relevance it held to a lesson, particularly not one that was supposed to involve channeling. Either way, Doniel listened to the Accepted prattle on about what was, basically, nothing in particular, before she posed the question as to why the gardens all seemed so immaculate. Of course the answer most commonly shouted out was words to the effect of "Novice chores", but Doniel remained silent lest he say something he regretted – which wouldn't be too difficult at all. The Accepted chuckled slightly at the answers given and the Amadician Novice rolled his eyes; they seemed so… fake. It irked him considerably that there they were barely much older than himself and yet acting as if they were child-minders. But, as the Mistress of Novices had shown him, in terms of the Power they were much elder, wiser and stronger.

And so, through a bit more conversation, it was revealed what had to be done. The Novices were to sit before a rosebush and 'encourage' it to grow. It was such a pointless an inane task, that Doniel came close to outright walking away from the so called lesson right there and then. He wanted to know when he would learn something useful – more applicable to a general world. Not the phoney world that all channelers at the White Tower seemed to live in. Still, Doniel supposed he ought to make the most of it; Sloane had ordered that he would be spending the rest of his lessons in classes consisting only of the newest Novice's and that meant only channeling a flicker of Fire to light a candle. Even if it was a pointless task, he supposed it was better to at least spend his last decent lesson for two weeks stretching himself. He was, by no means, experienced with the Power, but playing with tiny flows of one particular element was behind him by a long shot.

Either way, Doniel's ears pricked up slightly when the Accepted began talking about the weave, and that it would consist of three elements woven carefully together. It seemed that the weave would be a little more complex than he'd first expected. Not that he was any more chuffed to be in the lesson; encouraging a plant was still going to be added to the long list of dumb things he'd had to learn, but he was at least relieved in as much as: he wasn't going to be bored. Doniel was a man, and preferred to be treated like one. Either way, Doniel watched the weaves Accepted Alain was threading as they sunk into the ground, Water and Spirit first, followed by a weave of Earth. That meant the weave, overall, should be easy for him, as it consisted of his three better elements: Spirit and Earth, his strongest, and Water – the firmest of his three weaker elements.

He wasn't exactly excite or thrilled by the thought – he never seemed as enthused as other Novices were about something so trivial as 'encouraging' a plant. It was all too condescending, and it was quite possible that Doniel would drown in it. And if he did it would be a welcome death. Still, the impatient man resisted the urge to tap his foot as the male Accepted finished his demonstration of the weave, and released his touch on the One Power, something which he – and all the male channelers in the area would be able to feel. The One Power was a strange thing indeed, and Doniel found himself wondering how it worked. How was it possible that the Source could be at the back of the mind of people, and that all one had to do to 'seize' it was to find peace in their mind? Had he been told it and not shown it was certain that he would've laughed at the informant until the cows came home.

But that fateful day, Akadias Sedai had lit a candle and shown him a wealth of other things which could be done, and Doniel had no choice other than to believe it. That and the fact that he too had utilised saidin on more than one occasion, of course.

Now with the task set, a very miffed Novice took his stool over to a rosebush: Roses. How… girly… – even more so for the fact that he'd managed to pick a bush which was littered with buds amethyst pink in colour. Perhaps it had all been planned. That the Accepted knew Doniel would absolutely hate to be faced with such a colour, and yet, to Doniel's dismay; every other bush was occupied, though the Amadician couldn't possibly understand how that was possible. With a grimace fixed firmly on his face, Doniel idly pulled one of the tightly packed away flowers, looking into its closed form. Still not sure whether he'd be able to do it (his skill with channeling still wobbly) the man allowed the waves to drown his thoughts, as his Aes Sedai mentor had shown him. It was peculiar how methods differed from Novice to Novice dependant on how they'd been shown to channel. But to the rest of the Novices, it was Doniel who was the freak; they all utilised the flame and the void for stillness, or something of the like. It all sounded too complicated for Doniel, who'd been taught to submerse his thoughts with waves.

The flame method sounded so callous – burn your thoughts, destroy them. But Doniel found that whilst his thoughts were underwater, they were simply quiet. They were silenced. Not removed or burnt or destroyed. Just still and peaceful. In some respects, Doniel thought he might've preferred the flame and burning death way… but when another Accepted had explained it, it made no sense. As such, Doniel allowed the water to rapidly fill his mind, before the light came into view. Saidin. It was a marvel, and looked so peaceful and still as it radiated calm strength. But in his small amount of wisdom, Doniel knew it would fight like a rabid cat once touched – and was infinitely more potent.

Sure enough, as soon as the Novice made the move to pacify the Source, it squirmed and fought in his grasp. It was far from an easy fight, and Doniel couldn't help but wonder if it would always be so damned difficult, or whether it, at some point, finally gave in and accepted the fact that it always lost. Well… nearly always. Thankfully however, on this occasion, Doniel succeeded in forcing the Power to bend to his will, and he drew it cautiously into him. For now, saidin had been grabbed and put in the sack, but being in a sack only ever drove the cat to re-triple its escape efforts and the same was most definitely true for the male half of the One Power. Not even contemplating that in his home country he could be executed for what he was doing, he began to draw on a bit more of the Power, as he also began to draw on the different strands that he needed to do the task.

Water and Spirit came to his grasp first, the neutral element all but putty in his hands, the liquid element offering some resistance, but not enough to put him off what he needed to do. Surprisingly apt at remembering what a weave looked like, the man set about laying the threads out in the same way they had been shown to him by Accepted Alain. Firstly the Water and Spirit twisted into a net. It was far from perfect, and Doniel had to re-touch some areas to compensate for the weaves being too thin. Doniel wouldn't dare admit to himself that he was too scared to draw on a large amount of the Power, Akadias had explained its peril, and he'd been cautious ever since, particularly when a more experience channeler told him to take on more; it worried him slightly.

Yet, Doniel allowed more of it to fill him and was pleasantly surprised by his ability to accommodate more. He wasn't holding nearly as much as he knew other Novices were – some of them spoke about how much they took in – but Doniel hoped it would suffice. After all, he was only aiming to make the bloody plant perk up a bit. At least then it would look like he'd done his task. Whilst maintaining that first grid, and having sunk it into the ground to surround the other weaves, Doniel opened himself to Earth, and easily tugged away at threads of the element, though not quite with the ease he did so with Spirit. Weaving together a similar net as before, but leaving room for Spirit and Water to be interlaced once more, Doniel then linked that to the roots of the plant. Finally, and still not realising that he was breathing more often and more deeply, Doniel finished off his weave with the extra elements it needed.

Slowly, his weave began to… well… do something. And Doniel could only call it success because it felt right. Nothing more than that, just a feeling. Sure enough his plant began to open up. Not to even half the extent Accepted Alain's had, but there was a noticeable improvement. The buds had made an attempt at opening, but apart from that, there were no massive miracles. Perhaps a couple of weeks with basic novices would do him some good since he couldn't even master the weave he'd thought he'd done well. Resisting the temptation to break off one of the thorns and licking the back of it in order to stick it to the neck of an unsuspecting Novice – something he'd done as a child to make himself look like a monster – Doniel could only be proud at his 'maturity'. Of course, his resistance stemmed from the fact that it wouldn't prove his case well to Madeline. How could he possibly say to her that he was a mature man, when he could so easily give in to something so childish. Nevertheless, he resisted. It was childish.

But that didn't mean it wouldn't be funny.

OOC: Late and long. And waffle to boot. Many apologies Taryn.

I hate exams. How many others are currently coming up to important exams and finding that 80% of your time is occupied by revision? Sadly only 1% of the other 20% is occupied with sleeping ¬,¬

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