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Weight-Loss Conspiracy
Tue May 16, 2006 9:41pm (XFF:

Without a doubt, the other novices garbed in pristine white stared up at her as she ran into the dining room, her face and neck flushed with exertion and her ample chest heaving; Lilli skidded forth a few steps before she could completely stop her momentum, and then she was able to catch her breath, smooth her woolen skirts, and tuck a stray rust-colored ringlet behind an ear. The snickers were beginning to reach her ears. Patting her cheeks, she quickly made her way to the queue, after a short while receiving her plateload of food and turning to find a seat. That in itself was a task, to say in the least; the sea of whites and faces were threatening to her, and she could not see one amicable countenance in the lot—though if she had looked really carefully she might have seen that no, not everyone was sneering at her. The short, fat girl whose waist enabled her dress to scrunch up tautly around it.

Feeling the habitual sense of nervousness in the pit of her stomach, she wove her way past half a dozen long tables before she finally placed her plate down at the seventh and scooted the bench back several inches so that she could ease herself onto it. That, of course, led her benchmates to the left to look at her awry—several casting her quite the dirty glance—at having to lift themselves up for the transience of a second while she shifted their long wooden seat, but Lilli only smiled widely at them and commenced on her meal. She never could understand. She cast a friendly aura towards everyone she happened to meet, whether in classes or in the novice galleries or otherwise, but why did no one seem to reach out to her with a similar hospitality? She just didn’t understand.

Her lunch consisted of a few rolled slices of beef, two small potatoes, and a bun crusty from the morning’s baking. She took up the roll in her hand and broke it in two, though she did eye the potatoes and meat. Novices seemed to be forced to exercise a strict diet she was not exactly accustomed to, but she could never say anything derogative about the quality of the food. The White Tower was said to provide even its servants expensive, wholesome meals; they could afford to be as generous. And Lilli was grateful, not to mention she felt a degree of pride. She belonged in this haven, albeit she’d only been here such a meager time!

When her plate was spotless, with every crumb licked, Lilli took it up in her hands and brought it to the kitchens to be washed, or, to be more precise she brought it there to wash it herself. She didn’t mind that so much at all, as the other novices seemed to. They certainly groaned and whined their way about it when they chattered in the halls about having received kitchen duty or the sort. But Lilli had always washed her own dishes, having been raised up in a modest banker’s household in Whitebridge, and no, they had not kept a servant in their house, unless one counted old Boris the gardener. Besides, she kind of liked the atmosphere in the White Tower kitchens, with all the steam and warm smells. She liked Laras as well, whatever her frequently sharp voice and notorious spoon. She had heard some call the latter ‘the scepter’.

Her hands were covered with soapy duds when the Bell began pealing, and it was then that remembrance and panic gripped her. A lesson! Of course; could she ever have been so obtuse as to have forgotten? She carefully placed her gleaming plate on the rack and with hardly a swipe of her hands on the toweling ran out through the aisles of the kitchens and back into the hallways. Having been here for a few days she wasn’t so unaccustomed to the White Tower labyrinths, but she still and to double back more than a handful of times before she finally reached the designated classroom. The Blue Ajah. Her stomach had been squirming with anticipation since last night when she had first read the notice up on the board.

She entered, and beheld an Aes Sedai wrapped up in her shawl, with the blue fringes draping her slender arms. Funny, I have not seen too many Aes Sedai in their shawls. What would it mean? She curtsied, blushing under the serene woman’s cool scrutiny as she did so, and then she took her seat. She was one of the first to introduce herself, which she did with her usual trepidation and there again—nervousness. Her cheeks were suffused with heat at having to speak publicly. “My name is Lilli Bloom, Tira Sedai, and I’ve been here…” She thought for a moment, coloring all the more with the effort and embarrassment, “…four days.” Light, was it only that? It seemed so much longer. As if an eternity had passed since she had last set eyes on her home. A pang of nostalgia pierced through her at that, prickling unbidden—and waiting—tears at her blue eyes, and Lilli quickly blinked them away.

“I think…,” she continued in little above a whisper, “I may like the Blue or Yellow Ajah. But truth to tell…I don’t know about any of them. The….Ajahs.” In honesty, she had heard a lot about them, even in the short time she had been here. Novices were great gossipers, and much could be heard by sitting quietly to herself in her room with the door laying wide open, while white-garbed girls trafficked the hallway outside. In all truth, the Blue and the Yellow seemed the most….middle ground. The others were too extreme-sounding for her, particularly the Red and the Green. Those scared her. Just thinking of them made her shudder. Creator have mercy on her that she would never meet a Red sister! At least not anytime soon, anyway.

“The Blue Ajah…,” she said as yet another frazzled red ringlet fell past her sights—she never could control her hair, “seems to be really….justice-oriented.” She ducked her head, wishing the ground would split and swallow her up. “I’m sorry, Aes Sedai….I really don’t know.”

  • Elective: Blue AjahTira Chakima Aes Sedai, Blue ajah, Mon May 15 4:27pm
    Tira slipped her blue shawl off her shoulders and laid it on the bed. She stood there and stared at it, trying to decide whether she should wear it to the lesson or not. She had barely been without... more
    • Lesson Finished! Credits!Dawn, Sat Jul 1 7:26am
      Okay all, you did a terrific job and I'm really pleased with the writing. Credit has been earned by everyone in the lesson, so I won't list you all here you know who you are. Great job everyone!!... more
    • Part III: DecisionsTira Chakima Aes Sedai, Blue ajah, Mon Jun 12 9:37am
      Tira watched the trials dispassionately, though the dynamics of the family of the dishonored girl intrigued her. There seemed to be more going on behind the scenes than was being revealed. Though it... more
      • Real Love Waits-- 2nd TrialNovice Sarina, Wed Jun 21 6:24pm
        Sarina sat patiently through the very end of the trial, if it could be called that. This seemed to be a familial matter something which should be dealt with at home. Though her own views on this... more
        • In the Creator's EyesKirito Lisenth, Mon Jun 26 11:17am
          His mind had already drifted to his books – a favorite past time that he intended to visit later in the day – when the Aes Sedai’s voice brought his attention back around. Ah yes, this farce of a... more
          • The spirit of the lawNovice Teiran Ketai, Wed Jun 28 1:29am
            Together with the rest of the students, Teiran followed Tira Sedai into the same room the magistrate and his aide had just disappeared into. It seemed to be a private dining room, and it served well... more
            • Well, they obviously like each other.Novice Moira Ivon, Thu Jun 29 12:35am
              Moira was just annoyed by all of this banter between the novices. Laws? Public humiliation and lashings and slaving for Master Delmar? Psh. They'd made love, and so what? It was a natural thing, if... more
      • I want to hear the cows! Why haven't we asked the cows?Novice Taphen al'Goud, Thu Jun 15 1:44pm
        Taphen took his time considering the case, he really wanted to sound wise, but at the same time, he feared that if he tried to cover all angles, he would come out as not having an opinion at all on... more
        • I second that! They have rights!Novice Lilli Bloom, Sat Jun 17 3:40am
          When the trials reached their end they were each asked by the Aes Sedai what their opinions were on the scenes they had witnessed. It was basically a mental organization of the testimonies each... more
          • They may have rights, but where are the facts?Novice Allael al'Cantar, Sun Jun 18 4:41pm
            Allael listened to the other novices, and though she agreed with some of what they said, she still felt that there wasn't enough testimony in this case to form a solid verdict. Master Bowmer was not... more
    • Part II:Justice is servedTira Chakima Aes Sedai, Blue ajah, Tue May 30 8:05pm
      OOC: Please read the instructions at the bottom of this post very carefully before posting your response! Tira read through the short essays quickly as each student finished and brought them to her.... more
      • First Trial: Tit for TatNovice Lilli Bloom, Thu Jun 1 10:17am
        The Aes Sedai spoke a few comments on their essays, to which Lilli paid cautious attention. She wondered whether her ‘cause’ had been too broad a range, and too vague at that, in which case she... more
        • Adding a little spiceNovice Taphen al'Goud, Sat Jun 10 7:15am
          Taphen was fairly curious at being led to the traveling yard, what does she have in mind? Given her cause, they might be going to see the Tuatha'an. Taphen had never actually met one; he had heard... more
          • My word against hisNovice Allael al'Cantar, Sat Jun 10 7:53pm
            Allael listened to Tira's admonition before they left, and followed the new Aes Sedai and the rest of the class with a contemplative mien. She'd been so absorbed in her anger at the injustice of her... more
      • Second Trial: Avarin Myee's testimonyNovice Teiran Ketai, Wed May 31 5:37am
        Teiran watched with interest as the young man who had allegedly dishonored the young girl stepped forward to give his testimony. He wore clothes of a good cut, and the fabric was certainly finer than ... more
        • Second Trial: Father's Honor Daughter's LoveNovice Sarina, Thu Jun 1 7:58pm
          Sarina listened intently as Tira Sedai told them of the next part of their lesson. This was something new to her. Since the idea of justice was still raw in her mind. Living alone for the past... more
          • True FriendsKirito Lisenth, Sun Jun 4 2:40pm
            The idea of a trial was something that Kirito could appreciate. Though he didn’t particularly know if anything he said would truly be taken into account when it came down to judgement, it was still... more
            • New Love or Soul Love?Novice Moira Ivon, Sun Jun 11 10:07pm
              Moira smiled, pleased with the Aes Sedai's acceptance of her essay. She was proud of her progress in the realm of the written word, and now... to be praised by an Aes Sedai, the pinnacle of what she... more
    • Thirty-ThreeNovice Sarina, Thu May 25 8:57am
      She is a child of the forest lithe and graceful as the doe, but strong and proud as the bear. She is young but does not know her own age because she was never taught how to measure it. She is a... more
    • A new experienceNovice Teiran Ketai, Mon May 22 5:53am
      Teiran made sure that his face was completely straight as he walked past a Novice who seemed to be having some problems with the lunch. The boy's face had already turned slightly pink, and was... more
    • Part 1: The CauseTira Chakima Aes Sedai, Blue ajah, Mon May 22 5:27am
      When Allael walked into the room, Tira's jaw nearly dropped from surprise. She got control of her emotions quickly, schooling her face once more to serenity, but her mind was whirling. Light! What is ... more
      • PoliticsKirito Lisenth, Sun Jun 4 2:02pm
        She looks so young. It was his first thought, after careful consideration of Tira --- the Aes Sedai who had not long ago (or so it seemed) been one of the Accepted. Briefly, Kirito wondered what the... more
      • Constructing a causeNovice Teiran Ketai, Fri May 26 4:10am
        So the Blue Ajah was all about personal causes and justice. Well, that certainly explained why they were "putting their noses where they don't belong", from the view of the common people. With so... more
      • Sevatude and ObedianceNovice Sarina, Thu May 25 9:01am
        (OOC:The spelling in the title is suppose to be wrong...just thought I'd let you know. Read on and you will understand.) The lecture they were given was of great interest to Sarina. She did enjoy... more
      • Let's focus on what's important to me!Novice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 25 2:38am
        Taphen was continually surprised by the nerve of some people. That you had likes and dislikes was natural and quite understandable, but for some to outright disrespect an Aes Sedai to her face, was... more
      • Be Careful What You Ask ForNovice Allael al'Cantar, Wed May 24 11:20pm
        Allael could tell she'd angered Tira, the woman was staring daggers at her. But Tira's response was altogether a surprise. Kitchen Duty? Private Lessons? Truly she must be joking, but watching that... more
      • I've never done creative writing...Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 24 9:44pm
        Moira's eyes widened at the Aes Sedai's harsh words to the novice who'd dared to address her without the customary honorific. That novice must be crazy, to defy an Aes Sedai to her face like that,... more
      • And EffectNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 23 11:34pm
        The Aes Sedai started off the lesson with an arch reprimand directed towards a novice who had named herself as Allael al’Cantar, an ordeal Lilli witnessed with horrified fascination. Who would dare... more
    • Blues of a different colorNovice Moira Ivon, Sun May 21 10:34pm
      "Attention novices." The voice was light and pleasant, and most people would have to take a second look before their gaze moved downwards to spot the tiny woman from which it came. "All those... more
    • StudiousKirito Lisenth, Sun May 21 1:52am
      Kirito’s hand lifted, a sole fingertip finding the thin layer of dust that had accumulated on the edge of his single, narrow bookshelf. Staring at the finger, he caught himself reliving odd,... more
    • Bloody Insufferable Aes SedaiNovice Allael al'Cantar, Thu May 18 4:43pm
      Allael could simply scream. She'd managed to spend most of her time hiding in her room since that dreadful lesson where she'd actually…channeled. Now thanks to some little chit of a novice who'd... more
    • Choosing a ColorNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 18 1:10pm
      ”My name is Taphen al’Goud and I am on my fifth year at the Tower, Tira Sedai.” This would be an interesting lesson indeed; Taphen had always wondered what the Blue Ajah was all about. He had not... more
    • Weight-Loss Conspiracy — Novice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 16 9:41pm
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