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Isn't global warming bad?
Wed May 17, 2006 8:07pm (XFF:

Moira clutched the rose with its Keeping to her chest for a moment, happily touching the petals before slipping it into her nearly-empty belt pouch with a smile. She'd use some of the pins currently in her hair to attach the rose to the frame of the mirror in her room, later. It would add a dash of much-needed color to her cubicle. If there was anything that the novice missed most, it was the riot of color that constantly surrounded her in the Foregate. At least here, in the gardens, there was life and color rather than the austere blankness of the novice wells. She heard Accepted Medaea's voice only distantly; the novice followed suit when her fellows picked up their stools and traipsed after the two Accepted leading the lesson.

I wonder what's next, she thought eagerly. Hopefully something just as good!

To her delight, they stopped at the herb garden. All of her mother's attempts at growing a little herb garden in the kitchen window had failed, most likely due to the inability of sunlight to effectively filter through the shutters that were usually closed to shut out the noise of raucous inhabitants of the Foregate. With a smile, Moira allowed herself a deep breath, pondering over the unfamiliar scents mixed in with the spicy ones common in the dishes of Cairhien; the layout itself reminded her of home, with the neat precision inside of the city walls she'd only entered once. Sighing, she shook herself out of the sudden nostalgia as Accepted Medaea crouched next to a patch of what she thought might just be rosemary, listening intently to the rest of what the Accepted said.

Aes Sedai really helped in taking care of the herbs? Moira wasn't really prone to jealousy, but for just a moment she wondered whether or not she really had any success in caring for the roses she'd just learned how to encourage in growth with the One Power. With a wry twist of her mouth, she concentrated more on listening to the Accepted, intent on learning this new weave to help herbs grow. Maybe she could keep a little pot in her room, if she could coax one out of the gardeners. It would certainly help in keeping the little cubby-hole smelling nice, and it would give her something to care for instead of the horde of small children she'd told stories to while she stitched diligently back in the Foregate.

At the Accepted's words of dismissal, Moira moved quickly towards a patch of herbs she was familiar with for the delicious scent they provided: mint.

"And don't worry, there's no way to hurt the plants if you mess up!"

Moira's lips turned up into a smile at the male Accepted's words. He seemed like a nice sort: friendly and patient and genuinely caring. People like that seemed in short stock, nowadays; she'd only met this Accepted and Accepted Medaea who seemed so nice in her time at the Tower, so far. Of course, there were the other novices she went from class to chores to meals to chores to the wells with, but they didn't seem very interested in being as nice as these two Accepted were. Oh well. At least they're nice to everybody!

Encouraged by the Accepted's words, Moira settled herself onto her stool and leaned forwards, not bothering to restrain the contentment that filled her as her nose filled with the scent of the mint. If there was ever a plant that deserved some help, it was mint.

Embracing saidar was even easier this time; it came quicker with each time she surrendered to the One Power. Soon, or so one particularly grumpy Aes Sedai had told her during a failed lesson, it would come immediately. Then they wouldn't have to wait for slow-pokes like her! Of course, that hadn't dimmed Moira's spirit. It had only made her more determined to work, to succeed at whatever task was placed before her. This one was no different, building a greenhouse to protect her little patch of mint. Meticulously, she recreated the weave of protection that Accepted Medaea had built over her bunch of herbs, starting with a solid foundation of Air - her strongest Power - and interlacing those threads with strands of Water.

Impatient to see results, Moira held the weave in place, grey eyes eagerly studying the mint for any sudden growth, watching for vigorous sprouting of sweet-smelling leaves. Nothing happened, however, and the novice sat back on her stool, continuing to hold her weave in place. She tilted her head to the side and some black strands of hair fell across the bridge of her nose, but the Cairhienin continued watching. Weren't the herbs supposed to... do something?

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      • Elements of StrengthNovice Jocelyn Selle, Wed Jun 7 8:18pm
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      • A cause close to my heart.Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 31 9:57pm
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      • Wholesome TravailNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 23 11:29pm
        They were led into the ‘drying rooms’, as the Accepted called them, and Lilli looked around in wonder as she perceived the stocks of herbs, either waiting to be dried and packaged, or already done so ... more
    • A Futile AttemptNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 18 2:58pm
      Water and Air? Why doesn’t she just say that men are not allowed to participate in this lesson. Taphen was well aware of his limitations and it seemed doubtful that he would be able to make this... more
    • Bio DomeNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:41am
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    • DaydreamingNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu May 18 1:37am
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