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Wholesome Travail
Tue May 23, 2006 11:29pm (XFF:

They were led into the ‘drying rooms’, as the Accepted called them, and Lilli looked around in wonder as she perceived the stocks of herbs, either waiting to be dried and packaged, or already done so and waiting for….distribution, as she found out upon hearing Accepted Medaea’s lecture continue. Her heart warmed at the thought of the herbs they would be working on now going to Cairhienin refugees, even as her admiration for the White Tower grew. Again, she wondered why on earth so many outsiders would spread such horrible rumors about the ‘Tar Valon witches’—it made her queasy just saying it, as if the sisters could hear her thoughts; and she loathed to offend them in the slightest bit—, and portrayed them in their stories as something fringing on bestial. How could one’s entire opinion on a people depend wholly on a rumor? She shook her head sadly as she mulled over the topic of stereotypes.

“Each of you take a bunch of herbs and use whichever method of drying that you are most comfortable with, depending on your strengths in the Power. Accepted Alain and I will be walking around to offer any help or assist if you run into trouble.”

Lilli had, earlier, settled down at a table shared with two other novices, and being exceedingly shy by nature she didn’t speak to them, or even look up at them, for that matter. She concentrated on the small pile of leaves before her instead—she didn’t recognize them—and prepared herself for another interval of excessive channeling. Perhaps this didn’t merit the label of ‘excessive’ in the other novices’ views, but to her, it was! Light, she had only learned to channel a few days prior, and at this point, she was all but swooning with exhaustion. It would get better with time, she hoped and had been reassured, and her channeling capacities would grow steadily bigger, but how long would that take? What if it didn’t happen to her? Her habitual doubts crowded her head.

Saidar slipped from her grasp like oil the first time she attempted to embrace it. And the second, and the third. The fourth time, she was able to hold on to it, if only for a few meager seconds. She tried again, and the One Power flooded through her. Lilli had no illusions that she would even consider attempting the second method of herb-drying: the Fire and Earth way. She nearly shuddered at the memory of how the elusive Elements had tormented her during her embracing session; Light, she wasn’t even sure she could do the Air and Water way right, the state she was in.

She wove a miniscule grid as she had seen the Accepted do, of intercrossing strands of Air, and of Water, and this she carefully pulled towards the glossy—and some fuzzy—surfaces of the leaves. As Accepted Medaea had described, the moisture beaded out and disappeared altogether, and Lilli gave a gasp of delight as her weave actually worked, and that on first try. Of course, she pressed her lips firmly together in chagrined acceptance when it was proven that her weave had not been ‘small’ and ‘deft’ enough that the leaf would dry up into useless powder right under it. She was still at the stage in which she struggled to get her crude flows of the One Power fine, detailed, and delicate.

After some practice on empty air, though, and she thought she might get it right. When she next attempted her weave at a herb, the thing dried up to…what it was supposed to be. Elation coursed through her, and with a tremulous smile Lilli picked up the next leaf, and the next, until she had a sizeable pile before her that was ready to be packed and sent away to those poor Cairhienin refugees. Light, she felt proud. She had aided in such a good act!

That night, just before she fell into bed, she meticulously drew out the Kept rosebud from her pouch, and upon tucking away her pouch into its place in her drawer, she arranged the flower on her shelf where it bade her goodnight.

OOC: Lovely lesson, Taryn!

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