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And Effect
Tue May 23, 2006 11:34pm (XFF:

The Aes Sedai started off the lesson with an arch reprimand directed towards a novice who had named herself as Allael al’Cantar, an ordeal Lilli witnessed with horrified fascination. Who would dare purposefully not curtsy when sighting an Aes Sedai? Who would be half as impertinent? She regarded the reprehensible novice aslant, through disapproving eyes, too afraid of the Aes Sedai’s wrath and mortified of the girl’s behavior to even feel a smidgeon of curiosity. Whilst the other novices must have been wondering what colored these two women’s history, Lilli was entirely content not knowing.

Tira Sedai then commenced with a lecture, one about the Blue Ajah that continued to great depths. But not before turning specifically to her with the reassurance that, no, it was not such a terrible offense that she did not know everything, and no, Lilli had not displeased her! If anything, Lilli was embarrassed all the more, though she did feel a measure of gratification for the sister’s warmth and consideration to actually tell her that. An Aes Sedai, speaking to her! “Our Ajah needs to be aware not only of what is happening in the world, but of what each sister is doing to affect that world,” Tira Sedai was saying, and Lilli was keen in listening, her plump hands folded on her shapeless wool-draped lap. To be aware of the world’s current events… Was that like being a politician? Her father had been a banker in Whitebridge, but he had also kept a meticulous tab on Andoran, if not the world’s, politics.

Again, reminisces of home flooded through her. Involuntarily, to be sure. Her, Mariandre, her mother and her father sitting around the oblong table, food steaming in platters before them. Her father on whose prominent nose perched delicate spectacles, rumbling in his chesty tones about rebellions in Altara or of courtly matters in Mayene. One day, he had even spoken darkly about a false Dragon in Toman Head, and Lilli recalled herself choking on a mouthful of scalloped potatoes while her sister thumped her back. Oh, how she longed for her mother’s scalloped potatoes! How she longed for home. The tears pricked again, and Lilli hastily blinked them away, her sights unwavering from the shawled figure of the lecturing Aes Sedai.

“…I would like you to write a short essay,” the woman said, “It should be at least two hundred words, and in that essay I would like you to think of a cause you might like to pursue if you were to aim for the Blue Ajah.” Soon Lilli was amongst the throng that made its way towards the Aes Sedai’s desk for their share of parchments and pens, and she was swiftly back at her place again, ready to write. This wasn’t so bad! She remembered having to write an essay during the course of the Altara lesson, as well. Had the assignment been five hundred words she would have found little cause to complain, not that she would have complained, anyway. Lilli was a natural writer.

After poising the nib of her pen over the smooth surface of the paper for the expanse of a few seconds, Lilli began to write, and the words came easily, in eloquent form. In happenstance that I choose the Blue Ajah upon reaching the shawl, I would choose a cause to pursue that would be most directly related to me, or one to which I could use my natural talents and origins to the best of advantage. Her hand was elegant, light, and curled, wholly in contrast to what anyone would have suspected from her and her unelegant hands. After a pause to organize her thoughts, she continued scratching away, contributing to the sound that filled the otherwise silent room.

In this way I can contribute to my Ajah in a significant way, and that, I think, is the rationale and duty of being a participant of an Ajah in the first place. My talents— She had to pause again there, as she struggled in contemplation of where exactly her talents lay. What talents? Her, talented in anything? She could always cite her experiences helping out with the bank’s accounting, or filing papers, but how would that pertain to a Blue Ajah cause? Aes Sedai did not go about doing meager clerical duties. Did they? She could not envision such a thing. She lowered her eyes to the tiled floor. Her talents were what…?

—lie in the arts. In addition, my city of origin is Whitebridge, Andor. If I were to choose a specific cause to pursue as a Blue Aes Sedai— Suddenly inspiration hit her, and the tip of her pen flew over the paper, filling it with script even as her mind raced. —I think it would be to involve myself by being a writer. I can write political pamphlets that can circle the Andoran court, or possibly books that arouse satirical issues or address a certain law or public opinion. In this way I can apply what I do best—writing—to my field, and in a way that is direct in addressing the public about my views and what my Ajah may want to instill. I believe that a person’s direst inner self is expressed through writing. If I can shape a population into a certain mold by what I write in a book, I believe I will have contributed lucratively to the Ajah.

She didn’t know how many words her essay amounted to, but she turned it in nonetheless, having estimated it was near two hundred. She was one of the first to finish with her composing, so she quietly returned to her seat and shyly watched the other novices think and scratch away on their parchments for a few minutes, after which she lowered her blue gaze back onto the floor-tiles and took a deep breath.

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