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I've never done creative writing...
Wed May 24, 2006 9:44pm (XFF:

Moira's eyes widened at the Aes Sedai's harsh words to the novice who'd dared to address her without the customary honorific. That novice must be crazy, to defy an Aes Sedai to her face like that, even a new one! The shawl itself was testament to the Blue sister's position, and Moira had learned from personal experience that many newly raised sisters were even harsher about their respect from novices than the elder sisters who had the ageless look due their rank. But she felt naught but the slightest twinge of pity for Allael al'Cantar; the novice, however unwilling she was to be in the White Tower (which was a sentiment that Moira had never understood), had brought this Aes Sedai's retaliation down on her own head.

Amongst the other novices, there appeared to be little sympathy, as well, although curiosity was openly surrendered to as a few young women towards the back of the room leaned towards each other and indulged in whispered theories. Moira, however, was content to come up with her own ideas, although she would never share them with anybody else. Gossip was akin to Daes Dae'mar in her as-of-yet uncultured mind, and so she stayed as far away from it as she could.

After all, look what it had done to Cairhien.

But Tira Sedai finished her tirade against the novice Allael, and Moira, her attention arriving on the tail end of the novice's penance, winced slightly. She certainly wouldn't like private lessons with this Aes Sedai, especially if the sister was prone to having these types of temperamental outbursts very often. As Tira Sedai continued, the sister seemed to be a little... well... nicer, and her short lecture about the Blue Ajah was actually rather interesting, for its short tenure. The essay, however...

Two hundred words?! she thought, more than slightly panicked. Do I even know two hundred words?

As her fingers closed around the parchment and pen that she would use to copy down her thoughts - Thoughts? What thoughts? I don't know what to write! - her mind whirled desperately. This would be the first essay that Moira Ivon had ever written in her entire life, and for a moment she couldn't help but curse Accepted Jonal for teaching her so that she could actually participate in these lessons. Seating herself back at her desk, Moira carefully smoothed the parchment across the desktop, daunted by its untouched blankness. She had to write on this? Well, she'd best get the worst part over... Moira gingerly touched the pen to paper, cautiously forming the letters that Accepted Jonal had said made up her name.

"M," she mouthed silently. "O-I-R-A. Moira... um... I-V-O-N. Moira Ivon." There. She'd written her name across the top of the page; smiling, she let the pen drift downwards, her brow burrowing with careful thought. Then, without letting herself fret too much, the novice began to write, occasionally having to cross out misspelled words and replace them with the correct one.

If I were to join the Bluu Blue Ajah, I think that I would dede dedikate dedicate myself to helping the people who were forced out of their homes in Cairhien. The name of her home had taken her quite a while to learn, but she'd eventually memorized it for later reference. Being from thar there, I think that I would fit in very well, and the people that I used to know there would know me and they would not be afraid of an Aez Aes Sedai. She tapped her pen against her teeth, searching for more words. What else could she say about helping Cairhienin refugees? I would really like to go back and help my old friends and make sure that they are all right after the civil war at home. I think that I could make a big difere difference in what is happening at my old home. I miss home also and going back would be very good for me and for Cairhien, and that is what I would do if I joined the Blue Ajah. I really hope I would make a difference, because I would really like to help my home. They need help, and I think that if more sisters were there and helping, then more people would liek like the White Tower. I think that I might try to help the Blue Ajah make more people like the White Tower instead of being afraid of all of the sisters. I think that would be a good job, but I would really like to help my home. That is what I would do in the Blue Ajah.

Surprisingly enough, Moira was one of the first novices finished. Flushing and uncertain of whether her work had reached two hundred words or not - it was difficult to count that high - she crept up towards the front of the room, meekly handing her paper to the Aes Sedai before creeping back to her seat and waiting patiently for the rest of the hardworking novices to finish.

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