Be Careful What You Ask For
Wed May 24, 2006 11:20pm (XFF:

Allael could tell she'd angered Tira, the woman was staring daggers at her. But Tira's response was altogether a surprise. Kitchen Duty? Private Lessons? Truly she must be joking, but watching that delicately arched brow, Allael wasn't so sure. She murmured a grudging reply, then sat back while Tira launched into her lecture. Light! The nerve of that woman, to expect that from her. Perhaps if she spoke to Sora…no, he would probably tell her she'd gotten what she deserved for running her mouth. What was happening to her anyway? Allael wasn't accustomed to losing her cool, especially in front of so many people. Her father had rarely shown emotion, and that was something she'd tried to emulate as a young girl. Her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Tira's next statement.

"My particular cause is to care for and nurture the Tuatha'an." Allael perked up at that, casting a look of surprise at the Aes Sedai. She could swear that Sora had told her he and Tira used to argue about The Way and that Tira had deemed it useless in the fight against the shadow. She wondered what had changed the woman's mind in the intervening years, but she didn't have too much more time to speculate. Now she was giving them a bloody assignment.

"For the first part of this lesson, I would like you to write a short essay. It should be at least two hundred words, and in that essay I would like you to think of a cause you might like to pursue if you were to aim for the blue ajah. I also would like a decent explanation on why you have chosen your particular cause. You have thirty minutes to complete your task, not a moment more. I have a surprise for the next part of the lesson which requires us to be on time, or normally I would not impose a time limit on an essay. You may begin."

Oh Light! An essay? The woman must be mad! She took a cautionary look at Tira, but the return stare she got caused her to merely take pen and paper with the rest of the novices and sit down at her desk to try and write. She was shocked at herself, but frankly she didn't want any more trouble today and the best way to avoid that would be to do as she was told. No matter that it pained her to do so. She couldn't wait to get out of the bloody tower and this bloody dress and hide in the woods somewhere.

I do not have any intention of becoming Aes Sedai, she wrote, then stopped and stared at the page. If she kept this up, Tira was likely to have her whipped like that horrible Madeline had. But, at the same time her integrity would not allow her to lie just to complete an assignment. If I did, however, I believe that I know of a worthy cause I could pursue as a Blue. I am a hunter by nature, but where I hunt for food, others merely hunt for sport. They take pleasure and delight in killing just for the sake of killing, leaving valuable meat and skins to rot in the sun. They've taken the life of an animal that could have been allowed to roam free and create more of it's kind. I think it would be worthy of my time to track down these types of people and put a stop to that behavior. Contrary to what some people may think, there is not an endless supply of creatures out there to butcher. Someday, they may all be gone. It behooves us, I think, to conserve our resources, rather than waste them. I think this would be a cause worthy of any Aes Sedai, but my skills and talents would lead me in that direction. In fact, if I ever escape this cage, I may try my hand at it anyway, when I won't have an ajah telling me what I can and can't do. People should be allowed to be free, if they choose. Forcing someone into a life they do not want is nothing more than slavery.

Abruptly she stopped writing, and looked at what she wrote with a kind of fascination. She'd always hated poachers and sport hunters, but she'd never thought before about actually pursuing them and putting a stop to the things they did. The last part of her essay glared out at her from the page, but in a last act of defiance she chose not to cross it out. It rounded out her two hundred words quite nicely. With a look of meekness set upon her face, she silently walked up to the desk and set her paper down in front of Tira. The Aes Sedai read it quickly while Allael resumed her seat, and the look on her face told Allael exactly when she'd reached the end. The woman had asked for an honest essay, and that's exactly what she got. Mayhap in the future she'd be more careful of what she asked for.

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