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Thu May 25, 2006 2:38am (XFF:

Taphen was continually surprised by the nerve of some people. That you had likes and dislikes was natural and quite understandable, but for some to outright disrespect an Aes Sedai to her face, was about as stupid as one could get. He failed to see the purpose, it seemed wasteful, as all you did, was risk your place at the Tower, prolong your rank as a novice and earn severe punishments. There really was nothing to gain, why canít they see that? Donít they know how to see things in perspective? It was Taphenís dream to be here, or at had become his dream, when he found out that he could channel. But then, when he found out, it was made into a reality, which did made the dream part a bit vague. Still, he had a hard time understanding people, who did not appreciate their stay or their luck to be here, among the fortunate few.

Being giving the assignment to think of a cause to follow, if choosing to become a blue, Taphen sat staring at the blank paper before him. He had no idea of what constituted a just cause, how much an impact it would have to have on the world to be worthy of the Blue Ajah, still he had to write something, although the real lesson here was probably not writing an essay, but contemplating just causes. Taphen tried to think of different causes he could pursue, but each returned him to the fact that male channellers werenít liked enough for people to allow or welcome their help. Well thatís it, isnít it? My cause to aid the Tower and the world. With a smile he bend down low over his paper and began writing with a practiced hand.

A bit of Blue in the World, by Novice Taphen alíGoud
Being a male channeller I am sometimes confronted with the old fears of the taint and the possibility that I am insane. Somehow the fact that
saidin have been cleansed, have not yet taken root in the world. Were I to take on a cause for the Blue Ajah, I would work to improve the image of the Tower and especially that of the male Aes Sedai. Stories will have to be planted Ė true stories of course Ė about the good deeds done by male channellers. The Black Tower paints a scary picture and the White Tower needs to stand whiter and more virtues than ever. Like us or hate us, there must not be a shadow of a doubt about our integrity and stability. When the day finally comes, the world must be ready to follow us, and willingly if we are to succeed. I realize that it might take a long time to overcome that fear, but if we donít begin now, then when should we? The image of the male channeller would be my main concern, but overall we could use a better image at the Tower, and I would use the network we already have or perhaps even start up a new one to further that cause. I hope this would justify as a worthy cause to the Blue Ajah, I donít really know what specific causes the Ajah holds dear, besides that of Tira Sedai, mentioned in this lesson, though it remained uncertain to what end the Tuathaían should be nurtured.
The End

Taphen sanded his essay and looked it over once, just to make sure that it conveyed his intentions well, before getting up to hand it to Tira Sedai. All the time spent copying texts for Aes Sedai, were paying of in sense of a neat hand and very few mistakes indeed. It was moments like this, where Taphen realized his own growth through his stay at the Tower. They were small realizations, but piled together, they shouted progress, and that was all that mattered. He sat down again, awaiting the Ďtreatí that Tira Sedai had in store.

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