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Using The Manly Elements
Thu May 25, 2006 4:17am (XFF:

Taphen exhaled in relief, when Medaea and Alain showed them a way to use Fire and Earth to dry up the herbs. It was a lot more efficient way to accomplish this feat, than the weak weave Taphen had used earlier to reduce the damp in his clothes. If applied right, it could dry them completely without damaging the fabric. How fortunate that I will now be able to practice on something a lot more brittle. That should guarantee that my clothes will suffer no injury. Taphen couldn’t wait to he became Accepted, so he could practice weaves freely, and study them on his own. That was his main interest in obtaining the rank, and the fact that it would mean a closer and more intense contact with saidin almost didn’t matter. Curiosity and a hunger for knowledge had seemed to grow in him through the years in the Tower. I’d say that makes me a candidate for the Brown Ajah. It was a growing suspicion that he would one day choose that Ajah, although truth be told they did not have the best reputation among the novices, as they were judged as too absentminded and oblivious to the world. Traits that Taphen himself thought he did not share.

Going through the motion of seizing, Taphen focused on the pant before him, he did not know what it was called, but it did not matter either, all he needed to know lay right in front of him. Carefully Taphen covered the green, flowerless plant in a fin net of Earth and fire, smiling a bit at the ease with which this came, opposite to when he had used Air and Water. With the heat pocket in place, Taphen hesitated activating it, as he wanted to make sure that the structure in the plant remained unharmed. This was a lesson after all, and the best time to test what different levels of Fire would do to the plant. In the beginning he added the Fire slowly, ever so gently drawing out the water. The plant withered and curled up in front of his eyes, as he monitored the drying process. It was like looking at a speedy version of the natural process, but when Accepted Medaea had done it, the structure had remained completely intact and plant had retained its form.

With the plant dry and crisp, Taphen chose a new one, a basil, just like Medaea had used. This time he assaulted the plant with Fire, everywhere at one, trying to banish all moisture, while keeping the integrity. It did not work. The plant turned to dust before his eyes, marking out a failure. The problem with heat was that the faster you wanted the process to go, the more heat you needed and plants could only sustain so much heat. It was different with the Water/Air method, as it drew the moisture out without heating up the plant. What if I double it up? Heat to expel the moisture and then Fire to draw out the heat? It would make the weave more complicated, but it was the same thing as they had shown, just a more active use of Fire, than just heating up the surrounds and letting that heat do the work. Spinning the weave more finely, Taphen began at the top, drawing out the water and pushing out the heat. As he moved downwards the basil dried up nicely, but the heat was growing and becoming concentrated at the bottom of the plant. Before he got to finish his task, the heat became too intense and the basil caught fire, earning him attention from novices and Accepted Alain.

“Sorry.” He muttered embarrassingly with a smile, and picked up a new plant. Returning to the original design, apparently the Accepted did know what they were talking about; Taphen decided that this time he would get it right. He did however use Earth a bit to replace and strengthen the parts that had contained the most water, which in turn left him with a nearly perfect specimen. The leaves had a slight curl to them, but he was very satisfied with the result, and even happier to be releasing saidin, feeling the world return to its everyday gray. ah, welcome stillness of my mind. The chaotic torrents of the One Power were haunting him no more. Satisfied that he had done well, Taphen spent the remaining part of the lesson, observing the others, hoping he could catch a few pointers, something he had missed, or overlooked.

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