Sevatude and Obediance
Thu May 25, 2006 9:01am (XFF:

(OOC:The spelling in the title is suppose to be wrong...just thought I'd let you know. Read on and you will understand.)

The lecture they were given was of great interest to Sarina. She did enjoy learning new things and had a quick mind. Her grandfather, while he did not speak much he did teach her in the oral tradition and if she was listening she could remember everything that was said. Right now though she was wishing that she had heard wrong.

Iwould like you to write a short essay…at least two hundred words

Writing, the bane of her existence thus far in the Tower, it had to be writing. She though to herself as she looked down at the paper and pen which she had and grimaced. Thirty-three days in the Tower and her writing skills were quite in question. She had not known anything of this skill before she came here and with such a short time learning her writing was still circumspect. She thought about getting up and asking the Aes Sedai for more time because of her handicap, but she would not.

Instead she pushed these thoughts from her mind and wondered what type of cause she would want to be a part of. It was truly not something she had thought about before. Her days before the Tower were spent mostly trying to survive and living life. Here she was at the mercy of the whims of others. What cause could there be that she could know about? As she thought of it she remembered learning about other people who live based on the whims of others. The servants and peasants in Tear who live on the lands of the lords, they lived lives much like her own was right now. A life controlled by others. Sarina was doing it because she chose to and because she had made a promise. These people had not.

we in the tower the novices and accepted live a life of servatude and obediance but we live this life because it is one of our own choice my grandfather always told me that we must take the world as it is and not as we would have it he said this because I always wished to change things in the forest yet I do not believe his statement somethings need to change somethings must change I have heard about pesents about there lives ruled and controled by the lords of the land I have heard that they suffer hardship and have few rights if I were to crusade for any cause it would be to make there lives more better there must be a more better way for these people to live

i write this because they have hard and unforgiving lives, lived at the whim of others while I and other novices live in this same way a life of servatude and obediance to Aes Sedai we do it by choice we have all agreed to be here or are here for our safety or the safety of others the peasants suffer and obey not of their own choice and I would change that

Sarina had not finished everything which she wished to say, but time was up and she handed in the paper. The other novices were smirking at her as she went up to turn in the essay, somehow she had gotten a smudge of ink on her nose making the very tip of it black. But she did not know and was simply happy to be done with it

(OOC: Alright that was the hardest thing ever...well you try writing an essay with bad grammar and spelling. It is suppose to be that way, using the wrong there, no periods, no beginnings of new sentences, bad spelling. She doesn’t know a lick of grammar and syntax she can barely write.)

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