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Constructing a cause
Fri May 26, 2006 4:10am (XFF:

So the Blue Ajah was all about personal causes and justice. Well, that certainly explained why they were "putting their noses where they don't belong", from the view of the common people. With so many individuals, most things would be at least fleetingly connected to the personal cause of some Aes Sedai. And as Tira Sedai demonstrated, these causes could indeed be about anything imaginable. To care for and nurture the Tinkers. Teiran could hardly imagine a cause more impossible to follow through, unless you posted an Aes Sedai guard with all the different bands of Tinkers, to protect them against all kinds of harm. Besides, who would want to nurture Tinkers anyways? They stole anything that wasn't bolted to the ground - even the children of normal people weren't safe. But, Novices did most definitely not question the actions of Aes Sedai, and so Teiran just busied himself taking notes, to keep his face from giving away his thoughts and emotions.

"For the first part of this lesson, I would like you to write a short essay."

Great. Now he had to come up with some plausible cause that he himself might be inclined to pursue. He didn't mind writing, so the task in itself wasn't particularly hard, if not for the fact that he had to make one up. His true cause would at best be taken as some kind of joke on his part, and then he would be chastised for not taking the lesson seriously. However, when he tried coming up with something else, his thoughts always strayed back to his true passion, his one goal. In the end, however, he managed to come up with something that he thought would be passable.

If I were to aim for the Blue Ajah, my personal cause would be helping those who are poor and those who otherwise need help. There are many people in the world today that doesn't have enough food, or money, or even a place to live, and I think the Aes Sedai, as Servants of All, should help them get a better life.

When a country is suffering from a plague, or from famine, the Aes Sedai should be there, organizing and helping the people back to an ordinary life again. Also, they could help with getting enough food, using the One Power to encourage the crops to grow faster. When there is a plague, the Aes Sedai can stop it much quicker than any Wise Woman can do. There is a reason we have the ability to channel, and we should use it among those that need our help and guidance.

This will also increase the standing of the White Tower in the eyes of the common people, and make them believe we are on their side. Rather than manipulating and hiding in the shadows, they will see us out among them, helping and aiding them when they are in trouble.

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