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Lavender Fields
Fri May 26, 2006 5:48am (XFF:

Sorcha was silently very pleased about this next part of the lesson; Air and Water would present far less of a problem for her than the weave of Earth, Water and Spirit of the first part of the lesson had presented. Of course, it had mainly been Earth that had posed the problem, but it had managed to pull her entire weave down so that she hadn’t done it properly. This time, however, with just Air and Water – she had been told and she herself suspected that these were her two strongest elements, in that order too – she would be able to complete the weave. She wasn’t overly fond of not being able to do a set task, and so she was determined to do this part correctly.

So it was that she quickly and silently took her stool across to her own bush of herbs, but before she embraced saidar she quickly looked the herb over and identified it as lavender – the well known pointed green leaves were a dead give away, but if she hadn’t have recognized them then she definitely would have been able to identify the herb from its characteristic smell. Sorcha really wasn’t sure how to describe the scent, but it was one that reached up through her nostrils and stretched down to tickle the back of her throat. A small smile on her face, she took a deep breath in and so took a deep breath in of the fragrance, finally letting her breath out in a contented sigh.

Now, she thought, onto the weave!

Very keen to get everything right as opposed to the last part of the lesson, Sorcha took her time embracing saidar. She was fully aware that it would make no difference, but she wanted to make sure she did everything perfectly. Slowly she imagined herself as the flower, her petals beginning to open in time with the rising sun until she was fully open to the sun and saidar drifted into her, the silver nimbus flaring up to all channeling women’s eyes, except for hers of course. Opening her eyes now she could see the silver nimbus around most of the other female novices in the class; no doubt the males were seizing saidin at the same time, but she couldn’t see that – and part of her was secretly glad that she couldn’t.

Deciding to work logically on this, Sorcha took four threads of Air – which was so much easier than Earth! – and began to wrap and weave them around each other, slowly twisting them under and through and between until she had curved them around to form a dome that encompassed the bush of lavender that she was supposed to be working on. She quickly check the entire plant was covered, which it was, before continuing on to add the weaves of Water to complete the weave. Once she was happy, she took out some small threads of Water and began to carefully place them amongst the original dome of Air, trying to be as precise as possible and place them in identical places to Accepted Medaea, until finally the threads of Water formed almost a shadow of her original weave. She thought it looked similar to the Accepted’s, but there was only one way to tell. She raised her hand, drawing Accepted Medaea across to her. The Accepted looked at her weave and nodded,

“That’s right; much more pleasing than last time.”

  • Part 2: GreenhousesAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 15 6:13am
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    • Lavender Fields — Sorcha Eamonn, Fri May 26 5:48am
    • Part 3: Dried HerbsAccepted Medaea sur Yvaine, Mon May 22 7:28am
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      • Elements of StrengthNovice Jocelyn Selle, Wed Jun 7 8:18pm
        "If you'll pay close attention Accepted Medaea and I will perform one way to dry the herbs – I'll show the male channelers how to use Earth and Fire first and Accepted Medaea will first demonstrate... more
      • A cause close to my heart.Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 31 9:57pm
        Moira hesitantly let her weave fall apart, slightly disappointed at the speed with which it dissipated into the air, the threads returning to their place in the ceaseless river of saidar from which... more
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        Sarina followed the crowd from a small distance, not hesitating, but setting herself apart from the rest. It still felt awkward to be among so many people. They quickly made their way into what the... more
      • Lesson Completed!Taryn, Tue May 30 8:28am
        The following Novices have credit for this channeling lesson: Novice Lilli Novice Taphen Novice Teiran Novice Sorcha The following have a one week extension to finish up: Novice Doniel Novice Jocelyn ... more
      • Is It Thyme?Sorcha Eamonn, Sun May 28 2:27am
        Silently so as to not draw Accepted Medaea’s attention to her where she would no doubt be forced to stand up for the remainder of the lesson, Sorcha followed the two Accepted away from the stools and ... more
      • Channelling with easeNovice Teiran Ketai, Fri May 26 3:40am
        "Schyler, Teiran, come stand up here at this table" Teiran quickly looked down to hide the flash of irritation and embarrassment as he and Schyler were called on to stand next to the two Accepted. He ... more
      • Using The Manly ElementsNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 25 4:17am
        Taphen exhaled in relief, when Medaea and Alain showed them a way to use Fire and Earth to dry up the herbs. It was a lot more efficient way to accomplish this feat, than the weak weave Taphen had... more
      • Wholesome TravailNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 23 11:29pm
        They were led into the ‘drying rooms’, as the Accepted called them, and Lilli looked around in wonder as she perceived the stocks of herbs, either waiting to be dried and packaged, or already done so ... more
    • A Futile AttemptNovice Taphen al'Goud, Thu May 18 2:58pm
      Water and Air? Why doesn’t she just say that men are not allowed to participate in this lesson. Taphen was well aware of his limitations and it seemed doubtful that he would be able to make this... more
    • Bio DomeNovice Sarina, Thu May 18 10:41am
      They had only been working a short while with the roses, but long enough for each person to try once or twice. Sarina had failed on her first attempt and her second. Sarina was pulled out of her... more
    • DaydreamingNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu May 18 1:37am
      The pleasant smells of herbs and spices wafted over the class as they entered the herb garden. Teiran took a deep breath, cherishing all the different smells that each in their own way was pleasant,... more
    • Isn't global warming bad?Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 17 8:07pm
      Moira clutched the rose with its Keeping to her chest for a moment, happily touching the petals before slipping it into her nearly-empty belt pouch with a smile. She'd use some of the pins currently... more
    • The greater goodNovice Schyler Dacoran, Wed May 17 10:31am
      Schyler had barely had time to gain control of herself when that annoying Accepted wanted them to move. Schyler sent an irritated glance over her shoulder to the older girl and followed her as the... more
    • Me the CultivatorNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 16 9:41pm
      The class walked several paces until it had reached a portioned off area of the gardens the female Accepted named the ‘herb gardens’, and Lilli like the others was tacit in her musings as she let her ... more
    • Green with EnvyNovice Jocelyn Selle, Tue May 16 8:22pm
      All her time in the Tower, Jocelyn had resented the fact that she was being taught by women who had been in the Tower years less than she had; women who had been channeling for under half the time... more
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