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Is It Thyme?
Sun May 28, 2006 2:27am (XFF:

Silently so as to not draw Accepted Medaea’s attention to her where she would no doubt be forced to stand up for the remainder of the lesson, Sorcha followed the two Accepted away from the stools and the gardens, including the bunch of lavender that she had been working on in the second part of the lesson. Few of the other novices seemed to be talking as well; it seemed that Accepted Medaea could hold order in a lesson very easily with just a few quick and sharp punishments at the beginning of it. Seeing those other two forced to stand up for the entire lesson had certainly quashed any part of Sorcha that wanted to misbehave – not that it really was a big part of her anyway.

After being directed to, she took a seat in the new room that they had entered, the nearest one to her, and began to look around quickly while the rest of the class filed in. She’d never been in here, but from all the herbs on the benches she guessed it had something to do with herbs – maybe a storage area? But no, it wasn’t a storage area, for she soon learnt from the Accepted that this was actually a place where herbs were dried out and packaged so that they could be sent off to other lands, or added to the store in the infirmary Sorcha had once seen when she had been working in the infirmary.

Her thoughts came back to her as the Accepted began to talk about the next part of the lesson, which seemed to have two alternatives – Air and Water, or Fire and Earth. Without a seconds thought, Sorcha picked the first option, she’d learnt today not to try and handle Earth, and when attempting to handle it with Fire – her second weakest element, no less – she could only just imagine what could go wrong. No, it was much better to stick with Air and Water, her two strongest elements, and the two elements that she was beginning to develop an affinity for. Even though she had every intention of using Air and Water she still watched when Accepted Medaea demonstrated the weave that used Fire and Earth, at the same time the male Accepted demonstrated Air and Water to the males, just in case it ever came in handy, even though she probably wouldn’t be able to remember it.

For the third time today, and most likely the last for that matter, Sorcha embraced saidar, once more working slowly through the exercise of being a flower so that she didn’t stuff anything up this time, and then looked at the herbs in front of her. Identifying it as possibly thyme – she wasn’t as sure as she was with lavender – she took threads of both Air and Water, deciding to take both at the same time. Slowly she began to weave them into a simple grid that she’d done with other elements so many times before and then, after checking it twice, ran it through the herbs.

To her surprise and pleasure, the leaves instantly dried and browned somewhat just as Accepted Medaea’s had. Well that was a lot easier than the other parts of the lesson, Sorcha thought happily.

OOC: Thanks for the lesson, dear. *snugs*

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