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Private lesson: Wards (Espen/Novice Teiran)
Mon May 29, 2006 7:22am (XFF:

Striding through the training yards, the huge man drew glances as he passed through the trainees. Hulking and obviously well muscled beneath the battle jerkin, the giant resembled a granite statue and looked as ugly as the raw stone itself. Deep blue eyes stared out from above the high, chiselled cheekbones as he stared his way past the attempted challenge from a Sei’Tar who did not recognize him. Ignoring the dismayed look on the boy’s face, Naslyn strode on.

He knew exactly where his target stood. The bond in the back of his head led him on with near unerring accuracy. She stood at the end of the yards, in one of the fields bordering the woods within the grounds of the White Tower. Someilia, Far Dareis Mai of the Lizard Rock sept of the Nakai Aiel bowed slightly as the Asha’man approached. The maiden felt him in her head too. It was a strange triple bond that she shared, with this wetlander and her first-sister, Jorelle, Wise One of the Codarra Aiel and now Green Aes Sedai within the White Tower. Each of them had two bonds sitting inside their heads, each aware of the other two.

Naslyn returned the bow. It was good to see Someilia well. It had been startling at first, caught up in the games of a pair of Aiel first-sisters, one of whom was a Green Sister here in Tar Valon, but he had made good progress in understanding their customs. Anyway, which man argued with two wives, especially if he had developed feelings for both of them?

Stripping off the top of his brown battle jerkin, Naslyn Tamco stretched. A former boxing champion in a reclusive Shienaran order of monastic warriors, he relaxed, revelling in the caress of the breeze across his skin. Without a word, he began moving through his exercises, joined by Someilia as he stretched. The positions came easily, despite the fact that he had not practiced in quite a while. The Ray, the Claw, the Wolf, the Eagle and the Knife, each movement flowing seamlessly into the next.

Asha’man Naslyn strode through the stone hallways, ducking his head as he passed through another too-low doorway. Almost seven feet, the former Soldier made his way toward the other end of the Tower. The Mistress of Novice had bid him take a lesson on wards for one of her trainees who showed interest in the things. Naslyn smiled. He had been terribly lucky.

Caught by the Red Ajah as a wilder destined to go mad unless he was gentled, it was in this very building that Naslyn had been mere hours away from being severed when the Dragon had performed the deed that would save them all. He had cleansed Saidin. One of the first to swear fealty to the Black Tower, Naslyn had trained at the foot of the M’hael himself, emerging as one of the first Asha’man.

Stepping into daylight, Naslyn strode toward the edge of the lake within the Tower grounds. He was supposed to meet his student here, one Novice Teiran Ketai. Taking a look into the water, Naslyn studied the reflection that stared back. Adjusting his crested plume of hair and satisfied that his trident beard was properly trimmed, the Asha’man sat down beside the lake. He would meditate until the boy came. In his lap, Naslyn felt the weight of his weapon. Of his own make, the bladed spear was a copy of the Seanchan ashandarei. Totally Power wrought, the feel of the smooth, black metal brought peace as Naslyn loosened his mind in the meditation rituals of his order.

He had planned the wards for this lesson carefully. The boy was a Novice. Nothing too dangerous could be demonstrated. Perhaps eavesdropping, a warning ward and something else. he thought. Footsteps approached. Asha’man Naslyn Tamco unwound smoothly, springing to his feet as the boy approached.

“Novice Teiran Ketai?” Naslyn awaited an answering nod before he continued, “Excellent child, now tell me some things before we begin. What are your strengths in the Power and what do you know about wards? Any other questions are also welcome.”

OOC: Ok, private lesson in wards for Novice Teiran. Just launch your intro post, 400 words will do for the first part, though more would be nice. I’ll write the second as soon as you post.

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