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A window of opportunity
Tue May 30, 2006 4:27am (XFF:

Teiran hurried into his room, changing his clothes in the now familiar flurry of activity that came from not really having time to change clothes in between different chores but awaiting certain punishment if his appearance was less than pristine in any way. Halfway through putting on a new shirt, he noticed that his roommate was still in his room, lying with his back towards Teiran, facing the wall.

"Are you ill?" Teiran searched for any visible signs of him being hurt or sick in any ways, but couldn't find anything. "Do you want me to help you to the Infirmary?"

His roommate turned, his eyes squinting against the bright light of the room. "Hmm? Infirmary?" He blinked a couple of times, as if not quite understanding the meaning of the words that were formed on his lips. Then suddenly, realization dawned on him, and a wide grin split his face. "Nah, there's no need. I'm just lying down for a bit. I didn't feel much like having laundry duty today." Leaning closer to Teiran, he lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. "You see, I have it from the most reliable source that the Accepted administrating the laundry room today has been assigned another task, but they forgot to assign someone to the laundry room." Stretching languidly, he made an insufferable grin at Teiran. "But I'll try to get up for lunch."

Teiran just shook his head. That wasn't a piece of information he would have trusted, besides, even if it was true, Aes Sedai had a way of finding out if anyone slacked their duties. "You do as you like, but I don't think you're going to get away with it. I, however, have kitchen duty. Again." Teiran grimaced, he had just changed out of a shirt and breeches filled with pigeon crap, and now he had changed into a new outfit, just so he could go into the large and very grimy kettles of the Tower kitchen.

"No, you don't." His roommate was still grinning, and for a second, Teiran considered doing something that would wipe it away. They weren't allowed to channel without supervision, however.

"What do you mean, I don't?" Teiran had just about had enough of his roommate's endless quips and jokes, and besides, he was already running late for his chores.

"I kind of forgot to tell you last night, but the Mistress of Novices gave me a message for you. You're supposed to have a private lesson today by the lake, instead of kitchen duty."

"Instead of kitchen duty? But that's like... now!" Vowing to himself that he'd get back at his roommate someday, he ran out the door. Thankfully, the lake wasn't too far from the Novice wells, but Teiran still had to run if he was going to make it on time. If he was getting private lessons just like that, then perhaps what he had been doing had been noticed. Perhaps they were beginning to consider him a candidate for being Raised. It was all speculation, though, and it vanished like smoke before the wind when he entered the garden and saw who would be teaching him. An Asha'man, and a large one too, at that. He didn't know much about the Black Tower, but most people seemed to agree that if you thought White Tower discipline was hard, you should try the Black Tower on for size. Making a mental note to step carefully around this man, Teiran approached him, his brown eyes meekly downcast.

After the initial introduction, the Asha'man instructed him to name his strengths and his knowledge about wards. So this is going to be a lesson about wards. Teiran was excited already, and the procedure of the lesson seemed to be similar to what he was used to within the White Tower. His fear of the unknown somewhat curbed, he raised his eyes and replied with a clear voice.

"I am strong in Earth and Spirit, less so in Fire, and weak in Air and Water." That statement didn't shame him anymore, as it had done before. After all, everyone was weak in some areas. "About wards, I know very little, Asha'man. I know that they are means with which you can protect something, or someone, but that's about it. It would make sense, though, if you could make the ward trigger on some persons, but not on others, so that the maker of the Ward wouldn't have to undo it every time he needed to use or read whatever it protected."

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                • Final impressionsNovice Teiran Ketai, Thu Jul 6 9:50pm
                  The lesson seemed to be moving towards a close, something which Teiran was deeply thankful for. It was not that he didn't enjoy channeling, quite the opposite. However, after a good two hour lesson,... more
                  • *lesson complete* (nm)Anonymous, Mon Jul 24 3:24am
                    • Woot!Donna, Fri Jul 28 6:40pm
                      Yay! Great work, folks. You'll note the lovely pink 'X' on the LPP. That was the lesson you won for solving the puzzle in the Initiate Monthly, right? Cooool. ;o) ~Donna aka Your Local MoN
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