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Asha'man Naslyn Tamco
Passive Wards
Tue May 30, 2006 1:14pm (XFF:

The wind blew gently, rustling the leaves on the trees bordering the lake. Water rippled gently as the breeze crossed its surface. Naslyn felt the loose ends of his plume ruffling. He smiled, sensing the boy’s latent discomfort. Light, what has he heard about the Asha’man? Or is it my reputation that precedes me? The thought ran itself out in the former monk’s head, leaving a faint smile on his lips as he listened to the Novice’s answer.

“Alright Teiran, I am Asha’man Naslyn Tamco. You may or may not have heard of me. I’m sure the Red Sisters here still refer to me as the one that got away. But that is immaterial. Today’s lesson will be about wards and their uses. I’ll show you how to create a few simple ones, as well as how to unravel one.” He gestured to the boy to sit facing him, beside the lake.

“First of all, what is a ward? A ward is merely a compact weave with a specific preventive function. That is a brief generalization that will fit most wards that you see. Wards can be both passive and active, benign in nature or deadly. They can also be off virtually any size, though the actual span would be governed by your strength in the Power. Wards can be made to be selective, keyed to specific individuals or certain creatures in general.” Naslyn paused for a moment, waiting until Teiran indicated he understood.

The Asha’man continued in his warm, smooth voice, “We will begin the lesson with a pair of passive, benign wards. One of the most basic wards that any channeler learns to weave is one that prevents eavesdropping. Or rather, one that prevents any sound from leaving the warded area. Watch carefully now as I demonstrate. Pay attention to the weaves, since you will be replicating it later.”

Naslyn paused a moment, taking a breath before summoning the Void. The rush came instantly, the heady scent of saidin filling his senses. It whispered in his ears, spoke of power unlimited, tempting him to seize and weave it as he pleased. The Asha’man submerged himself in the familiar struggle for control. Riding at the crest of the wave, he let himself revel in the feel of the Power for a moment, feeling the threads that represented each element.

Naslyn was an oddity among channelers. His strongest element was also his weakest. Though his strength in Saidin was only a little above average, Naslyn Tamco was probably the only man alive, excepting the Dragon himself, that could claim equal strength in all five elements. Bringing himself back to the task at hand, Naslyn focused.

It was a simple weave, one that would take no more than ten seconds to create and set. A cocoon of Air sprang up around him, a simple net-like structure. Stabilizing rapidly, flows of Fire lanced through the threads in horizontal revolutions. Done. “Can you hear me?” he deliberately spoke slowly. The Novice would be able to read his lips, to understand the question though he heard no sound. Once the boy shook his head, Naslyn dropped the ward.

“That is the first ward you’ll be trying to weave later. The second one I will teach you is even simpler. This second ward will tell you when a human has passed through a certain area.” The boy looked at him, concentration evident on his face.

Naslyn wove the second weave easily. It required even less effort than the first. Forming a simple, flat box with Spirit, the Asha’man filled its interior with an octagonal weave of Earth. The ward formed above the lake, resting just above a portion of the water.

Turning to face away from the Novice, Naslyn instructed him to stick his hand through the warded area, into the lake at any time he pleased. A correct calls the moment his hand passed through the ward convinced Terian of its existence.

Facing the child once again, the Asha’man cleared his throat, “Now then, lets watch you weave first the eavesdropping ward followed by the movement ward. Slowly now, don’t kill yourself and ask if you’re unsure. Begin.”

He watched as Novice Terian began his first, shaky weave. Hopefully the boy had some aptitude or they would be at this for hours.

OOC: Ok, here’s your second part. A little of a rushed post on my side, excuse any errors within. Again, minimum of 400 words, more would be good.

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