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Part II:Justice is served
Tue May 30, 2006 8:05pm (XFF:

OOC: Please read the instructions at the bottom of this post very carefully before posting your response!

Tira read through the short essays quickly as each student finished and brought them to her. She was quite surprised by the appalling spelling in some of them, though the content was heartfelt. She made a note to herself on the worst spelling and grammar-perhaps she could find the students a tutor if they weren't seeing one already. Allael's essay made her eyebrows rise, but despite the little jabs, the woman definitely had a valid cause. If she kept along in this vain without adding her sarcastic remarks, she just might pass this class. Once all her students were finished-it pained her to only see seven of them in the room, something must be done to bolster interest in the blue ajah-she stood and addressed the class once more.

"Alright everyone, please listen. I was quite impressed with your essays, all of you had worthy causes in mind. Some were a little broad, but there are Aes Sedai in the blue who pursue such broad causes, making it a life's work that doesn't have necessarily one specific end in sight, but a range of small goals over a long period of time to make a particular situation better." She could see her compliments made the students feel better about themselves, though Allael was merely rolling her eyes. Light, she was going to need to have a talk with her and Soradrelle, and soon.

"Now for the surprise I told you about. We are going to be taking a little trip out of the tower, to a village several miles south of the city. There will be two trials taking place there today. Once we arrive, I will explain the two situations to you, and you will watch the trials take place. I will also be separating you into teams, and each team will help the magistrate to reach his decision. He is a fair minded individual, and has agreed to listen to your advice and insight on what you see in the information presented. Come with me please."

She walked out of the room, then stopped and allowed the novices to file past her. Allael was the last out of the door, and Tira could see the gleam in her eyes. Laying a hand on her shoulder she said in a whisper, "Listen, I don't like you being trapped here anymore than you do. But I'm not going to allow you to use this as an opportunity for escape. Soon we will sit down and talk with Sora to see if we can find a way out of this mess. Until then, don't think I won't use flows of Air to tie you up and drag you back here if you try to escape. I simply won't allow it." With one last look at the green eyed woman, Tira turned and led the class into the traveling yard.

The green brother on duty at the traveling yard gave her a wink and a sunny smile. She smiled in return, but kept one eye on her charges. She'd meant every word she said to Allael, and the woman now seemed thoughtful, as though mulling over her words. He made the gateway and they all stepped through to find themselves just outside the village green. A man was waiting for them outside the village inn, and smiled broadly as they approached.

"Ah Tira Sedai, it is so good to see you again. I see you brought your students with you." Scanning the scant group he added, "I had thought you said there would be more than this?"

"Alas I had thought so too Master Chevin, but this is all we have today. We are not late I trust?"

"No, you are just in time, all the witnesses have arrived to provide testimony. Please come in and make yourselves comfortable, we will start just as soon as the magistrate is ready."

She led the novices inside, and saw them seated in a rough semi-circle off to the side, but with a good view of the proceedings. Then she turned to face them once more. "Here we will have two trials, at the end of which we will all retire to a private room to deliberate with the magistrate on his decisions in both matters. The first trial is involving two farmers. Master Ludin is accusing Master Bowmer of stealing two of his prize dairy cows. Master Bowmer insist the cows are fair payment for allowing Master Ludin's sheep to graze on his land. You will hear testimony from both the men, as well as a hired hand who has worked for both the farmers. Lilli, Taphen and Allael will pay special attention to the evidence presented in this case and will work together to come to a conclusion on what you might deem a fair judgement based on the evidence presented. "

She then turned to the other novices. " Teiran, Sarina, Moira and Kirito will watch the second trial. In this trial, a Master Delmar is accusing a young man of dishonoring his daughter. The young man claims that the girl was willing and he is in love with her. No one is sure at this point how the girl feels in this matter. You will be hearing testimony from all three, and possibly a friend of the two young people involved who would like to testify on their behalf." Seeing the magistrate was just now entering the room, she added quickly. "I know this is more akin to a lesson you might receive as an Accepted, but I think you are all capable of coming to some kind of sound decision. When I heard of these trials taking place, I thought it might be a good opportunity to show you first hand just what a Blue sister might be called upon to help in a situation of justice, since it can sometimes seem rather vague by way of explanation. Remember to pay close attention, and if you need help with anything afterward, please don't hesitate to ask."

She took her seat, and the magistrate's aide rose and began the proceedings.

OOC: Okay novices. Like Tira said, I know this seems more like an accepted lesson than a novice one, but I thought it a great opportunity to flex your writing muscles and really see what you can do. So often lessons of this type can get a little boring, so I wanted to make it fun for you. Here is the fun part, each of you gets to make up a piece of evidence from one of the people you are told are testifying in your chosen trial. So we'll have two strings, one from each team. I want at least 300-400 words on the evidence and your characters thoughts about that particular piece of evidence. The lesson is also closed to newcomers now. After each of you has posted, I will post one last part in which you will all be asked to draw conclusions based on your evidence and the evidence presented by the others.

*IMPORTANT* Please read your teammates evidence before writing your own, so you make sure they fit together and that you aren't writing the same thing, as that would makes things a little confusing. The first person to post has free reign obviously, but please make the evidence reasonable and not too far fetched.

To help, I'm also going to assign you which persons evidence you will make up. Lilli will take Master Ludin whose cows were stolen. Allael will get Master Bowmer who allegedly stole the cows in payment for the sheep grazing on his land. Taphen will get the hired hand.

For the second trial Sarina will get Master Delmar. Teiran will get the man accused of dishonoring her, Moira will get the allegedly dishonored girl, and if Kirito is able to finish the lesson, he will take the friend of the young people who wants to testify on their behalf. Moira and Teiran feel free to make up names for your witnesses.

Alright everyone, have fun and I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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      • I've never done creative writing...Novice Moira Ivon, Wed May 24 9:44pm
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    • Weight-Loss ConspiracyNovice Lilli Bloom, Tue May 16 9:41pm
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